UFC 261 Free Fight: Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns
Kamaru Usman made his third successful welterweight title defense against Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 earlier this year and earned a Performance of the Night bonus. Usman faces Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 261 on Saturday, April 24.
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  • Victor Mitchell
    Victor Mitchell

    You see the old bull will always be the young bull because the young bull leaves his self exposed.

  • wingless_raven


  • wingless_raven


  • Adam Chapman
    Adam Chapman

    Longest winning streak at 170 is great but I like to see him champion for years like GSP you know he took a money fight with Jorge because of pos human being Colby should be fighting for the Belt

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee

    Usman is a natural 185er cutting drastic weight to fight smaller men. No shame for Burns fighting at such a disadvantage.

  • Richard b
    Richard b

    They look so stupid in the beginning

  • Сергей Марченко
    Сергей Марченко

    Усман монстр. Каченый. Длинные джебы рулят.

  • Phillip Peterson
    Phillip Peterson

    Usman looks bigger than 170lbs

  • FallenForever

    Usman has mastered Ulra Instinct I swear...I'd love to see Him and Izzy go at it.

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy

    Gilbert’s an idiot for laying on his back for like two minutes after landing those devastating shots on Usman.. 🤦‍♂️ Seriously wtf was he thinking

  • Spills51

    As much as these guys who have a base in other disciplines are hyped up as good strikers....They have serious issues (Striking). Both of them have very little head movement...No wonder Burns kept getting jabbed to death...Kumaru doesnt have much better head movement. So in conclusion...They both need to drop their coaches and go to Edmond....who taught Rhonda the art of head movement...😉

  • Francisco Iribarne
    Francisco Iribarne

    Gilbert is veery fast.

  • Jorge Ruiz
    Jorge Ruiz

    I wonder why usman didn’t trade with Jorge masvidal lol

    • Jorge Ruiz
      Jorge Ruiz

      I don’t think so 😊

    • Muyanzi Reid
      Muyanzi Reid

      He was injured

  • Ngaih awma
    Ngaih awma

    Damn that jab is deadly

  • BTLtrips

    How good is this fight? Duuuude!

  • Dylan Adams
    Dylan Adams

    Masvidal doesn’t stand a chance..now way he can hit usman harder than the shots he took in the first round

    • hayate

      he can

  • Omar Abdelaal
    Omar Abdelaal

    No crowd is so annoying tbh

    • Omar Abdelaal
      Omar Abdelaal

      @hayate true, but the reactions adds flavor to the fights. Besides, true mma fans love grappling and clinching

    • hayate

      crowd are some retardet drunk people who boo when fighter clinch or grapple

  • Rock-a-Tronz

    What a Fight !!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Usman showing how much better he keeps getting, What a Jab 🔥🔥🔥

  • Moritz Korndörfer
    Moritz Korndörfer

    Herb "Im never going to stand this up" Dean

  • id tox
    id tox

    Calm smart and hungry

  • The Fam GOD
    The Fam GOD

    Why is the ufc being so generous?

  • chonbenthung kithan
    chonbenthung kithan

    Why the fck is gilbert working out on a championship fight . I feel so bad for him

  • Byron Yeagley
    Byron Yeagley

    Usman is a bad man

  • Ayrton Ralph
    Ayrton Ralph

    Usman drive to win is unreal, but he's still not on Colby's level

  • Slasher95

    Usman vs nganou J’aimerais trop voir ce combat

  • rock solid
    rock solid

    Usman looks the smaller version of Francis ngannou🔥

  • Maniac

    If only Usman didnt have such a weird personality id be a fan

  • Dame_6674

    That's how you know it's Usmans time.. that punch takes anyone else out.. dude ate it and kept competing... champion ❤

  • Brandon Kendall
    Brandon Kendall

    You’re a champion because of your jab.

  • Kerron

    DC is such a terrible commentator

  • C Hambleton
    C Hambleton

    I watched this live and rewatching it I'm just noticing how dominant burns was in that first round

  • Godlove Maka
    Godlove Maka

    How can someone wake up one day and decide to fight another person for just money and doing it with anger😂😂😂 This is crazy

  • Akhil Thakur
    Akhil Thakur

    Gilbert can't take a shot, his recovery rate is 0, his wrestling is 0 😂

  • jussymane

    Joe Rogan: 'OHHHHHH! He jabbed him with the jab!' Jon Anik: 'He did.'

  • jussymane


  • dame mbengue
    dame mbengue

    Reug reug is back to mma One day is ufc inchallah

  • penorie gacelo
    penorie gacelo

    Please don't put any dubbed I cannot see the fight

  • bansaiboi

    Joe: *HE HURT HIM BAD!* Me: Did he? Really? Did he? Usman: *LOL*


    Kamaru:"jab!!and jab!" Good job brother😉😉


    Gilbert's fight plan totally wrong.

  • Rampage

    whatever respect usman lost after his fight with masvidal, well he just gained with interest after this brutal fight.

  • Pwee-Is-Gr8

    @ 1:34 the moment when Burns let the title slip away from his hands.

  • mrawesomnable

    If he would have never lied down...

  • Pwee-Is-Gr8

    Trevor: "you're the champ bcuz of your jab" Burns: yup🤕

  • Bitzy Bit
    Bitzy Bit

    The trashy bolt optionally serve because budget thankfully jog behind a hulking occupation. broken, crabby responsibility

  • NativePride405

    Why the fuck doesn't Usman swarm his opponent when he's rocked? He probably could finish the fight fast

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    Joe "HE'S STILL HURT" Rogan

  • waterhot80

    Very early stoppage. Bad reffing there by Herb Dean.

  • Not that Good
    Not that Good

    Masvidal 100% knocking him out this time

  • Булат Шарафиев
    Булат Шарафиев


  • Timothy Asdent
    Timothy Asdent

    The erratic seashore univariably stir because tank dolly water in a sleepy act. tan, wet forehead

  • Omo Ovbo
    Omo Ovbo

    Usman is too strong 💪🔥

  • Roshanrakesh Pushparaj
    Roshanrakesh Pushparaj

    It looks like a middleweight fight. Both looks huge and powerful !!!

  • J Carroll
    J Carroll

    Usman is the fakest person in the UFC hes just a phony actor and annoying af. But as a person who roots for him to lose he is frustratingly good. Gonna take alot to beat him

  • alexander raeling
    alexander raeling

    that right hand almost fully dropped usman !

  • Yoel Romero
    Yoel Romero

    11:49 why is Gilbert coach wearing Nigerian flag ?? Is he usman coach but they mixed up lol

  • GJB Sarmeri
    GJB Sarmeri

    So disappointed, expected much more from Burns

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    ADHD Support

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  • hashim rifaq
    hashim rifaq

    1:40 .....wtf?

  • Zladam

    Usman finally looked beatable in this fight

  • Vaidotas Klyvis
    Vaidotas Klyvis

    Not very plastic movements, but the power behind is immense

  • Philip Kim
    Philip Kim

    Trevor Wittman is great mind. 1st round look like Gilbert is going to take over the fight. However, Trevor found that Gilbert doesn't have an answer to Usman's great jab. He said to Usman "You are the champion because of the jab" 2nd round begins, then Gilbert just walked Usman down. Usman started to utilize his jabs more, Gilbert's pressure just diffused almost immediately. It was just amazing to watch.

  • Ezekiel Lomelin
    Ezekiel Lomelin

    Usman a bi*** for not letting Gilbert back up....He knew he was going to get KNOCKED!!!!!!

  • abdullah akhtar
    abdullah akhtar

    imagine these two in the sonar together frm prison break xd

  • abdullah akhtar
    abdullah akhtar

    2:22 : me literally on the floor when bro tries to punch my head off

  • Jessica Laurent
    Jessica Laurent

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  • Chris Brotherton
    Chris Brotherton

    I think when Burns caught him early he should've gambled on a take down while Usman was hurt. Fine margins!

  • People just do nothing
    People just do nothing


  • Dr. Acula
    Dr. Acula

    Joe: "He jabbed a really nice jab." DC: "This fight is far from over" 45 seconds later.. Bruce Buffer: "... Kama-roooo the nigerian niiightmarrre Usmaaaaan" o____o

  • Jarem Toro
    Jarem Toro

    Usman is stupid strong and stupid durable. I did not get why? Burns stood in the ground on the 1st round Until I saw the 2nd but great fight.

  • isyaku bala ibrahim
    isyaku bala ibrahim

    "the Nigerian Nightmare"

  • Tareik Smith
    Tareik Smith

    he could’ve finished em the first round 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Barho-x Beat
    Barho-x Beat

    Kamaru Usman best UFC 👍🏾. Very good Jabs man.. Gerrier

  • NLH

    Kamaru's chin man. These big headed african boys built different. Ngannou got that big head vibranium chin too.

  • Hung Vu
    Hung Vu

    Chúc mừng chiến thắng thuyết phục của anh

  • Michal Nerud
    Michal Nerud

    respect for it (stay friends)

  • Mark Anthony Collado
    Mark Anthony Collado

    He is mentally focus and alert

  • Gaa ass
    Gaa ass

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  • IYI Nation
    IYI Nation

    Usman > welterweight

  • M Umar
    M Umar


  • M Umar
    M Umar

    Mashallha ☝🏽🇮🇳 love from India

  • Cliff Works
    Cliff Works

    amateur babyish announcing UHHs and AHHHs contain no data whatsoever, is like a grade school kid, and never say he or she ditto , combatants have names

  • Limited Infinity
    Limited Infinity

    Closest thing we will get to an IRL Marvel Civil War

  • S Lgd
    S Lgd

    Lets be real, Usman's Reach is a big advantage here you can see, from start to how he can touch his opponent on the ground at the end.

  • weakbrainthrombosis

    Fuck usman

  • Constantinos Tomopoulos
    Constantinos Tomopoulos

    Why usman disrepected he's team mate like that at the start. Shame

  • Scholes

    The scene of USMAN getting his hands raised looks like a high end game

  • TS 00
    TS 00

    Didn't Matt Hughes had the longest winning street?

  • Ben Wood
    Ben Wood

    I enjoyed that onslaught of babykicking Dean let go for about 2min

  • Abigail Baerie
    Abigail Baerie

    The discreet eel rhetorically subtract because butcher isely promise afore a scintillating stock. closed, short dry

  • John Alex
    John Alex

    Usman's boxing is legit now

  • გოგირდმჟავა 200
    გოგირდმჟავა 200

    Burns vs masvidal.i want this fight

  • Est.Sar. 92
    Est.Sar. 92

    That Burns right hand was a legit KO punch. Usman is not from this world.

  • Danish Abbasi
    Danish Abbasi

    Once Khabib said next 2 years no one touchs Usman ...❤️❤️❤️🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Evan New
    Evan New

    I like how Kamaru doesn't touch gloves but is all smiles after he got rocked hard in the first round, then goes right back to being a dick after he won round two lmao.

  • Kt Ortega
    Kt Ortega

    🇧🇷 👎 Jajajaja!

  • Salwa Morcos
    Salwa Morcos

    The crabby ghana inspiringly telephone because animal morphometrically waste forenenst a romantic bolt. obedient, inquisitive chef

  • Johnny Cage
    Johnny Cage

    His nose was broken before the fight with masvidal lmao 🤣😂 yeah right. Masvidal broke that shit

  • HealthyMealthy

    Gilbert Burns gassed by mid 2nd round. Not that impressed by Kamaru Usman. He's durable and has great conditioning, but....

  • Sandeep Gill
    Sandeep Gill

    Good fight champ