Volkswagen Camper Complete Van Build Start to finish
Camper Conversion and Full Build I've just completed on a volkswagen van.I tried to video the entire work hope you guys enjoy. I built this camper over a 6 month period hope you guys enjoyed watching the conversion.
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  • Olliedog Travels
    Olliedog Travels

    If your watching this dont skip to the end, watch it through. Best 23minutes I've spent this year. Steve

    • xposed11

      does it explain why the thumbnail has two literally different vans....100% doubt

    • Giovanni Ira
      Giovanni Ira

      @Dario Jagger whoa! Took like 20 mins but it actually worked!

    • Dario Jagger
      Dario Jagger

      dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

    • nada kawtar
      nada kawtar

      غع آخر

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      krishan malinga


  • Moxir Usta
    Moxir Usta

    Greetings from Uzbekistan

  • Moxir Usta
    Moxir Usta

    Wow 👍👍👍👍

  • Mark Newsome
    Mark Newsome

    Bloody amazing video, the guy is one super talented engineer. It’s the best conversion video I’ve ever seen and I’ve spent lockdown watching nothing else. I take my hat off to you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Emmanuel Gilbert
    Emmanuel Gilbert

    Hello, great job, little question where can we find the seat house ???

  • Valentina Lalic
    Valentina Lalic

    I'll make van it will get crazy

  • Akinola Femi
    Akinola Femi

    Big up to you man... I just cant believe how handy someone can be ... Gad damn ... I would love to contact you regarding you helping me to build my van I’m planing on get

  • London England
    London England

    Wow you have rebuilt the car!

  • Rafał Białończyk
    Rafał Białończyk

    Hello. What is the material, this black? Greetings .

  • Leo McDonnell
    Leo McDonnell

    100 outa 10 👍👍👍 Yir truly talented across the board. Very inspirational and satisfying to watch true workmanship !!! I'm from Bray Co.Wicklow, living down here in New Zealand. I'm still in the process of building my second Campervan, my first build was in 1993 when I arrived in NZ and traveled for 3 months. Amazing time. After watching your video it has given me more reason to get my current project finished,,, as the end result is something that will be enjoyed for a long time.

    • Mad4Motors

      Nice spot Bray. Glad I inspired you 👍

  • stelu


  • Arthur mc dermott
    Arthur mc dermott

    Fantastic job you are an inspiration !

  • Chris Archondous
    Chris Archondous

    That is great, it looks fantastic, thank you for the video

  • Kaan Kutlu
    Kaan Kutlu


  • Garry Lockett
    Garry Lockett

    Well done, that was a great video, probably the best I have watched on a camper conversion.

    • Mad4Motors

      Thanks 👍

  • FJBM Blaas
    FJBM Blaas

    Nice job, congratulations ...

    • Mad4Motors

      Thank you!

  • William Morley
    William Morley

    Absolutely submime 😍

    • Mad4Motors

      Thank you 🙌

  • kubaAk47

    What was wrong with the front of the van?

    • Mad4Motors

      Not a thing, but the newer front is more desirable 👍

  • Armand K
    Armand K

    You are really good! Congratulations. ..

  • Діма Постой
    Діма Постой


  • GAMERS 578
    GAMERS 578

    Good video bro

  • Season .Appreciation
    Season .Appreciation

    What a fabulous job, you should be really proud. I really admire your skill and abilities - your van looks great - enjoy!

  • David Caruso
    David Caruso

    Wow what a night and day difference

    • Mad4Motors

      Thank you 👍

  • Chêne Gregory
    Chêne Gregory

    😱 incredible


    Firstly I Watched the video from Starting 2 minutes and then Last 2. Or maybe 3 minutes..then I Read his Pinned Comment that he Spent Whole year and maken Video of Just 23 Minutes ...So I watched this Video from start and End...Impressive...Very reliable for family car..

  • pubg tips and tricks
    pubg tips and tricks

    Nice bro

  • spyridon poppos
    spyridon poppos

    Too much work for a VW which ain't that reliable! Respect though!

  • Xuan Doan
    Xuan Doan

    phục chế kiểu này thấy k có tâm lắm cái đầu tiên là dọn sạch thì làm k kĩ, nhiều chỗ còn bẩn bỏ mẹ vẫn để vậy ráp vào

  • FaBBro IT
    FaBBro IT

    You are a fu**** genius!!! A M A Z I N G

  • AN-O-ZĪL ÃñZīL
    AN-O-ZĪL ÃñZīL

    Appreciating your hard work💪💪👍👍

  • GamingWithConnor2021

    Imagine making a Lamborghini from scratch with 4 seats that would be a Good vid if u can do it hehe

    • Bilol Alimov
      Bilol Alimov


  • KuroiNamida

    Great work, but the TÜV Inspection here in Germany would go bonkers to get everything registered and for it to be legal :D

  • LD 1991
    LD 1991

    Looks great mate. Top stuff!

  • darodesk




  • Paul Lees
    Paul Lees

    You are very talented man . Great transformation. 23 mins well spent.

    • Mad4Motors

      I appreciate that!

  • Gianluca Vacchi
    Gianluca Vacchi

    Where's the bathroom? Irrational use of space. You can make it much more functional.

  • Tom Feathers
    Tom Feathers

    Do you do training ?? Thinking of doing this as a hobby this year with the mrs. Makes it look so easy, what a guy. On a serious note I’d pay good money to get trained up to that standard

    • Mad4Motors

      Hi hard to that though with restrictions?

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  • Dani Maicanu
    Dani Maicanu

    Nice 💪💪

  • cerita tentang rafassya
    cerita tentang rafassya


  • Markus Vasold
    Markus Vasold

    Markus from🇨🇭 Very good and professional work. I watched the whole video. But don‘t let run the video so quick, I had problems with my eyes after!!!!! Thank you

  • Johann Wit
    Johann Wit

    what is the name of the song 12:50

  • David Shaw
    David Shaw

    amazing 23minutes. if only it could be done in that time hopefully choosing a vw in the next month then i can start my build over the summer . this is the inspiration i needed.

  • marcin kalandyk
    marcin kalandyk

    One question how Long the Time you need too finish this car? I think alone 1year

    • Mad4Motors

      5 months 👍

  • Стас Чернов
    Стас Чернов

    Хорошая работа 👍👍👍

  • Alessio Moretti
    Alessio Moretti

    Man, your work is amazing. You make me want to do the same!!!😭

  • Nick Walters
    Nick Walters

    One word wow

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    Rob Booth

    this was amazing. thank you

  • Tendi Suherman
    Tendi Suherman


  • 1984Adamr

    What was the total cost?

  • Christian Syversen
    Christian Syversen

    It hurts me to my core that he reassembles the van without cleaning underneath first. That enginebay and under the lights sure could benefit from a real good scrubbing.

  • Francisco Ahuyon
    Francisco Ahuyon

    Eres muy bueno mi amigo

  • 504 Owner official
    504 Owner official

    can i have some support on my channel thank you all and welcome

  • Hary Singh
    Hary Singh

    Some weight increasing.... But awesome. 👏👏🏆

  • RED Studio
    RED Studio

    I would like to buy it just done but for the Italian aversion with left hand drive, can you have it? Thanks so much

  • Do Oa
    Do Oa


  • cafer gok
    cafer gok

    Amazing job mate... enjoy that ride....

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    Tomáš Čech

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    Emmet Power

    Excellent work, you made that look easy !!!

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    Waseem Akram

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    Ari Wibowo


  • MaxWell RS
    MaxWell RS

    you are so skillfull. Incredible. Big respect

  • kalenikad

    Nice work!!!

  • kalenikad

    Nice work!!!

  • David Tringham
    David Tringham

    Brilliant job, why no pop top though, must have to duck the whole time ?

  • Vaughn Kelly
    Vaughn Kelly

    Go work for VW! Also shouldn't the window tint go on the inside?

  • shakil n
    shakil n

    nice video

  • haron mia
    haron mia

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  • Charith Jayawardhana
    Charith Jayawardhana

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  • Des Paterson
    Des Paterson

    I was going to sub to your channel, then realised I already was, bloody TRwatch wasn’t showing me your videos, stuck the notifications on now. Love your content. Giving me the motivation to do one myself.

  • Vânia Stolze
    Vânia Stolze

    In addition to all the talents he used in every square inch of the van, he is probably a good father. What a man!!! We hope you enjoy life and continue to inspire us with new projects.

  • Kerry Jones
    Kerry Jones

    Truly inspiring. Although it makes me feel completely useless. Subscribed.

  • facon akter
    facon akter


  • nokia coling
    nokia coling

    Nice job!

    • Mad4Motors

      Thank you! Cheers

  • frariya urme
    frariya urme

    nice work

    • Mad4Motors


  • Jamie H
    Jamie H

    What a one man car manufactorer, gee I have been watching his dream come true.

  • dangeroushunta a
    dangeroushunta a

    That's amazing couldn't take my eyes off it, great job 👏

    • Mad4Motors

      Thank you so much 😀

  • natural de la tierra diamante عجائب الارض
    natural de la tierra diamante عجائب الارض

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  • Julius Meteling
    Julius Meteling

    You should show this to the former owner :D

  • mateuszp999

    What is a real time for Bild this car?

  • A. D.
    A. D.

    You put so much effort and talent into this van, but no isolation in the roof and bottom?

  • Marcelo Trentim
    Marcelo Trentim

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  • all well
    all well

    Salute to his hardwork and his craftsmanship 🙏 The whole video was mesmerizing. His children were helping him and it reminded me how my sister and me. We use to help my father when he use to repair his scooter. Love to you and your family from India ❤️🇮🇳

    • Patricia Da Silva Guedes
      Patricia Da Silva Guedes

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    Lee Alex

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  • Zino's Reality
    Zino's Reality

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  • Lasagnaaa G
    Lasagnaaa G

    can't wait to buy a van and transform it myself 😁 I loved this video, thank you!

  • mikhail s
    mikhail s

    Can some one answer a dumb question for me... How do I attach the wood flooring/beams to the floor or walls.. Do I drill through the metal and attach a bolt or something

  • edgar tavares
    edgar tavares

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  • krishan malinga
    krishan malinga

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    Franck Herve

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