Volleyball girls #Shorts​ beautiful moments #volleyball​ #olympic

  • The Toffee Digger
    The Toffee Digger

    Two double touches in that play

  • vikram jadhav,neo
    vikram jadhav,neo

    You know the mission was impossible with that baground music 😂


    Nice video Please sport my channel thanks

  • Mike Glaser
    Mike Glaser

    First girl should've spiked it or if you're gonna do that little lob shot at least hit it back farther then that. She basically just passed it to the other team

  • Rossano Briggs
    Rossano Briggs

    I thought she was about to get up there 😂😭🤦🏾‍♂️I believed in her too 🤣

  • Shhsh Shhsshf
    Shhsh Shhsshf

    Ыыыыыыы дуры)))женщина везде дурила и спорте и за рулём

  • Rainerus Alva
    Rainerus Alva

    Did she accidentally miss up the set? Or is it what she wanted to do all along, this video is full of mystery

  • اسيد اثير
    اسيد اثير

    قل للمؤمنين يغضوا من ابصارهم

  • Ashay Chaplot
    Ashay Chaplot

    U wasted my 30 seconds

  • Роман Богданов
    Роман Богданов

    Поздно начали замедлять, надо было начать с колонизации Северной Америки.

  • Faisal Aharuddin
    Faisal Aharuddin

    hahaha 😂😂😝 loadinggg

  • บุรุษนอกโลก

    Smart 😋

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores


  • C

    Music 😅😂😂

  • Time_TRAVVERler and WASH
    Time_TRAVVERler and WASH

    Nice lol I thought the other one was going to spike it, aw man

  • Username

    Why the thumbnail look like she shootings a jumper 😂

  • Simas Turbo
    Simas Turbo

    Q vídeo lixoooooo

  • Regina akintiua
    Regina akintiua

    Esas jugadas son de Ecuabolly

  • Paolo Pirrotta
    Paolo Pirrotta

    These girls suck

  • Miyoko Azumi
    Miyoko Azumi

    First chick jumped like she was finna supplex the ball but ain’t even hit it hard😭

  • hamed sha
    hamed sha


  • Bngtn Sndn
    Bngtn Sndn

    I am disappointed-

  • Skurt Kobain
    Skurt Kobain

    Wtf the libero did set into the 3 meters then the middle blockers attacked, this is a fucking fault

  • Jeraisa Wijnstein
    Jeraisa Wijnstein


  • Ciccio Sugo
    Ciccio Sugo

    What a shitty play

  • Lazy G
    Lazy G

    I thought the girl in blue on the left side supposed to set outside the line. Isn’t she the libreo or how ever u spell it. FYI I don’t really know about volleyball

  • MarushinGaming

    Wait... Is yt trolling?

  • Yoshi

    I am cringing

  • Tobias S
    Tobias S

    i swear thats the level of skill every man got who has never even touched a volleyball.

    • DEVID Eddela
      DEVID Eddela


  • dUmBpLinGs

    What conditioner they use?

  • Robert Milak
    Robert Milak

    This really hurts to watch

  • Tenshimp Kekarot
    Tenshimp Kekarot

    I thought i was watching haikyuu

  • Tea wolf avocado lemon
    Tea wolf avocado lemon


  • Arghya Mohanty
    Arghya Mohanty

    This shit is funny asf i don't know How

  • KenjiKen

    Some haikyuu level outplay right there

  • Guilherme Alves
    Guilherme Alves

    Ronaldinho gaúcho do vôlei!

  • Red Devils7
    Red Devils7

    Haha!!! Got 'em!!! Watch the ball, not the eyes. 🤣

  • Manuel Pimentel
    Manuel Pimentel


  • ASK

    Bgm name?

  • Bruno gardella Cernaque
    Bruno gardella Cernaque

    Me, after watch haikyu

  • ChaQ SpaQ
    ChaQ SpaQ


  • Manuel Andres
    Manuel Andres

    más fome que bailar con la hermana.

  • Soram Zenteno Choque
    Soram Zenteno Choque


  • Redstøne the Player
    Redstøne the Player

    Dude this is so cool like The other team has a great spiker she jumped so high but the enemy team is much cool they got past their defense

  • Eirik Burkhard
    Eirik Burkhard

    Am I the only one who saw that this was a foul?

  • nae nae whip
    nae nae whip

    I was expecting some haikyuu.

  • suak simsim
    suak simsim


  • Uday Kiran
    Uday Kiran

    Boys would play 1000 times better than the girls

  • paulus felippe
    paulus felippe

    Volleyball's ronaldhino, it when girl look to another girl but she strike to opposite😂

  • Zedarius Smith
    Zedarius Smith

    I remember me and my boys on the 8th grade flag football team wiping the girls volleyball team, in volleyball.

  • HB


  • Innocent Ominyi
    Innocent Ominyi


  • boostdriven

    That was absolutely horrible

  • TheAvrgJoe

    Ummm these are kids and the caption.... 🤌🏼👊🏼

  • Player of the Century
    Player of the Century

    This is the worst of em all😂 none of them know how to play lol😂

  • angry asian
    angry asian

    Music feels like they are on a secret mission to drop the ball

  • Colin Taylor
    Colin Taylor

    Women’s sports are so boring

  • Ethan Feddes
    Ethan Feddes

    “ Equal pay “

  • U

    i physically don’t understand the physics of how her jump was so small with that buildup

  • Frankenstein TV
    Frankenstein TV

    Firmino has been real quiet since this dropped

  • Carlos Kramer
    Carlos Kramer

    Not big deal, you got impressed by nothing

  • みずにーch


  • Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez

    Honestly I thought that girl was setting it up for the other girl so she could spike it The disappointment in my face when I didn’t see that happen

  • Mister Robot
    Mister Robot

    She learnt it from Kenma

  • Egg Yok
    Egg Yok

    Basic. Next!

  • Satyam CHANANA
    Satyam CHANANA

    Should I laugh at it or praise it? Wat?

  • Dingonun Ahırı
    Dingonun Ahırı

    bad timing.

  • ไมค์'ตัวร้าย' ที่เป็นได้แค่เพื่อน
    ไมค์'ตัวร้าย' ที่เป็นได้แค่เพื่อน


  • Krishna Kumar Singh
    Krishna Kumar Singh

    Such nice theme wasted on this trash.

  • kitingful

    That girl is Rabona 😁

  • anu amc
    anu amc

    Perfect bgm ❤️

  • Fiki

    Ini komentar Indonesia jngan lupa di like 🇮🇩

  • kuat 1887
    kuat 1887

    Oxi kkkkkkkkkk

  • Void Stiles Edit
    Void Stiles Edit

    Name of girl red Instagram?

  • Luan Augusto
    Luan Augusto

    Troleeii !

  • Benjael Peñaranda Montoya
    Benjael Peñaranda Montoya

    Hera j de diamantes

  • Vivek Sood
    Vivek Sood

    All wearing knee wraps

  • Etereo

    I was waiting for her to jump so high to reach the moon And then 10 cm jump

    • Bella Maldonado
      Bella Maldonado


    • Sharad Sonawane
      Sharad Sonawane


  • Cesare O. Sans
    Cesare O. Sans

    Excelente jugada

  • Ravindra Pandey
    Ravindra Pandey


  • Fabien Coutier
    Fabien Coutier

    No jump 🤣

  • Ali Alomari
    Ali Alomari

    Nice fake

  • FalleNAngeL

    Mission impossible tune

  • VENDRO Gaming
    VENDRO Gaming


  • 안정훈

    스매싱날리는 것만 기대했는데

  • Toxy

    Ah the dreaded no-look pass.. to the floor

  • dayrol MnM
    dayrol MnM

    Da fawk🥲

  • Putra Bta
    Putra Bta

    99 dari 99% laki² +62 pasti pada ngelihat TT nya yg lagi di slow mo kan ye kan ngaku aja dahh😂

  • Jewel SW
    Jewel SW

    Compare this to haikyuu

  • Ek Solution
    Ek Solution


  • Ycrxzzy

    Watching Haikyuu makes this look so easy

  • Kolin Kolin
    Kolin Kolin


  • Evercoss M50A
    Evercoss M50A

    Iuar biasa

  • Aldo Tello
    Aldo Tello

    Wtf is this?

  • José Marcelo Lemos Dos Santos
    José Marcelo Lemos Dos Santos

    had two touches the point should not have been valid

  • Joel Embiid
    Joel Embiid

    Damn that 2 inch vert go brrr

  • Micah Glover
    Micah Glover

    They got me with that to and the video was going slow mo. Smh🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  • Kalatog Pinggan
    Kalatog Pinggan

    Its like a blind pass! freakin great.

  • arielazo :v
    arielazo :v

    Prefiero a kageyama y hinata

  • Taylor Lidgett
    Taylor Lidgett

    Professional hot potato