Volvo's Key can do THIS!!
#shorts #xc90 #volvo
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  • Thomas Kalcher
    Thomas Kalcher

    Wow. Awesome. Nooo other car has thattt

  • Cedo Cedd
    Cedo Cedd

    They make beautiful cars and trucks

  • felix_goolo

    This might be good if the car had only one door lmao

  • Maximilian MIlls
    Maximilian MIlls

    Imagine having cloth seats though...

  • Vega

    Wow the innovation, I mean, so forward thinking

  • Levon Gasparyan
    Levon Gasparyan

    Cars have had that for the last 10+ years

  • Caiden coffman
    Caiden coffman

    my dad has these keys. We ALL hate them! Too big yet the buttons are tiny as hell and on the side! wtf

  • jenny kim
    jenny kim

    That’s scary ....I don’t like these new technology!

  • Nick

    So cool. Thanks for another tik shit video explaining something a million others videos explain. I bet your parents are proud of your talents. Loser

  • Brian F
    Brian F

    That’s the stupidest idea ever. They should put more effort into the reliability of the power train.

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda

    My dad has the same car

  • GET2222

    That key is fucking dumb.

  • ERA tube
    ERA tube

    So as an X5 🔑

  • Harshveer Thind
    Harshveer Thind

    Literally every key has this some way or the other

  • Demetr Nikiphor
    Demetr Nikiphor

  • Ben Blevis
    Ben Blevis

    Car telling you to take this L

  • Nicholas Pinenn
    Nicholas Pinenn

    My dad's van still use keys to lock/unlocks the door....

  • Gaming With Thanos
    Gaming With Thanos

    so i comment and it goes 1234 comments

  • Dizzy

    To compliment your faulty Volvo door locks 🔐

  • Андрей Вавилин
    Андрей Вавилин

    People need manual to figure out how to use a key instead of remote control. Welcome to 21st century.

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson

    I'd put it in all but one door. No passengers in my vehicle.

  • Eastsidejamie

    Back in my day a car had 2 sets of keys just in case you lost one. Thats about as complicated as it got. What the fuck did I just watch.

  • Mr Lust
    Mr Lust

    Yeah madzas keys do this Volvo is shit 😂🤮🤮

  • Roman Abramov
    Roman Abramov

    Let me introduce you to the tesla key...

  • Haweater

    Chrysler cars have had the "emergency door key" stored in the remote fob for years and years. Its purpose is to access the car in case either the remote battery or the vehicle battery is dead.

  • Kflightkf

    Why would you want to lock yourself out of your car

  • Andy Melconian
    Andy Melconian

    I only clicked because the thumbnail looks like you holding an L

  • Miroslav Hajduk
    Miroslav Hajduk

    God, people are so dumb these days.

  • David

    Damn. I always dreamed of owning a car which would allow me to lock myself out of it and actually lock its own key inside the closed door. Does the car also drive itself off, shouting, "Fuck you"?

  • Luca Schyroki
    Luca Schyroki

    Thats like pretty standard in every single key

  • Danny Verdant
    Danny Verdant

    I love how Volvo is still popular amongst a certain percentage of people. Sweden's most successful car company I tell you that.

  • DarkMessiah

    Dipshit TikTok garbage

  • Chance George
    Chance George

    This is pretty common on most cars with the area keys

  • Sujal Rajput
    Sujal Rajput

    So he is the car guy everyone talks about.

  • Luca Brasi
    Luca Brasi

    So that with that key he can lock the doors. Amazing.

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii

    why cant cars just have a normal key 😭

  • Howling Duck
    Howling Duck

    Random kid: slams the door shut and naruto runs away

  • Stratokast

    Wow a feature that most cars of this category have AmAzInG

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M

    Put more stupid shit in cars

  • Sarah Maria Kompauer
    Sarah Maria Kompauer


  • Campbell Von Jordan
    Campbell Von Jordan

    Stop talking so fast.

  • Jabez Varghese
    Jabez Varghese

    That feature with the key would come in handy when you wanna abandon your car and do not want anyone to open it ever! "If I dont get to use the car, then nobody will" - special feature by Volvo

  • Lil' Timmy Jerven
    Lil' Timmy Jerven

    I only like Volvo cars bc of the Volvo semis

  • Greg Gable
    Greg Gable

    Yeah we were all really worried that you locked yourself out! 👎🏻

  • lastditch727

    More tiktok cancer. Crazy what people consider "content" zzz

  • Cocker spaniel
    Cocker spaniel

    If you slowed down your explanation of your video it might of been worth while posting ffs your talking a mile a second

  • mai mai
    mai mai

    For what?

  • Ninjato 59
    Ninjato 59

    Nul, zéro, 0000

  • Kaylee DiPasquale
    Kaylee DiPasquale

    oh Volvo how I love you so

  • E Johnson
    E Johnson

    Now I know what options I want on mine! $3K to lock myself out of my own damn car!

  • Name Name
    Name Name

    Ummmm every single car that is from 2011 and up does this I think

  • blue yellow
    blue yellow

    Wow a car has a mechanical key! Insane! It's just like literally every car ever had a key to open the door manually. Posh twats and their "fun facts" 🙄

  • Nathanael Van Schalkwyk
    Nathanael Van Schalkwyk

    Why not just have the key flip out of the fob like normal people have.

  • SeemlyVids

    How to steal a car

  • Jordan Mcallister
    Jordan Mcallister

    Mate it’s just a Volvo

  • Gabbeloa08

    I live in sweden. Everybody basicly has a volvo. Including me

  • ASMR Claudy Exclusive
    ASMR Claudy Exclusive

    Same as the cadi volvos are shit cars lmaoo

  • vidaoTime

    what? having a key for a car is not a new concept my dude

  • Cameron Swan
    Cameron Swan

    Whats the use in mechanically locking just 1 door?

  • Ely Serva
    Ely Serva

    Isn’t that a Nissan?

  • Dănuț Cicort
    Dănuț Cicort

    Cum sati strici masina tutorial

  • Bergi214

    beside the door locking, every car-key can do this

  • ADubTheGrizzy

    Ill take useless features for $500, alex.

  • Plotsco

    Imagine if it didn't work Him: Mission failed well get em next time

  • jonathan

    So like every benz since 2010 xD

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez

    Man dealers should make it illegal to film with cars you don't own 😭 I'm sick of seeing all these fucking videos

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    China car

  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman

    Wow I never knew that a key worked like that!

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy

    The key blade is priceless for watersports, you can lock your car and then take the mechanical part of the key in the water with you 👍 (you leave the electronic part hidden in the car somewhere)

  • Hunter

    Very useful information

  • liminos

    Seems like the most useless feature ever.. 😂😂😂

  • R

    Imagine the cost of replacing a lost key? Seeing as keys are not needed these days I'd rather not pay for one. Being able to lock a door by placing a key inside is not a feature I can ever see using. I'd prefer just to use my phone to open my car as its one less thing to carry around. With a code to type in to prevent theft. I.e. Tesla. Carrying a key is last C tech.

  • FdPros

    cant like someone replicate this? it doesnt seem to look unique too

  • 邱qiulin200888

    100% same as Mazda

  • GazPlayz

    Alot of cars have this, child locks

  • Jiri

    But what happens if you set on the feature that unlock button in the key opens only drivers door and you close the drivers door mechanically? :D If Volvo has that feature. Just thinking because in my Ford there are same features and I haven’t ever before thought that.

  • //AutoBarn
    //AutoBarn Doesnt explain if this is just to lock yourself in the car in case of an emergency or what.. if you leave the key in there and close from outside after you locked all doors how do you get back in?!

  • //AutoBarn

    So how do you open the car after you fixed whatever problem made you unable to lock your car?

  • MHunt

    Volvo "Das Auto"

  • Nugget the Floof
    Nugget the Floof

    My mom's highlander has a manual key that pops out from a button on the side

  • Alex Girbu
    Alex Girbu

    With all that, and still can’t lock the doors while the car running. I hate that

  • MensuusxD

    After this video you don't need to wonder why your car is stolen

  • Ab

    That's a Volvo mini suv Karen C8

  • Jonathan Cw
    Jonathan Cw

    Well no shit it’s a key

  • Kovacs Bence
    Kovacs Bence

    Why wont TikTok just shut down all of a sudden? Dont think anyone would bother other than the millionaires who are without families and are better of dead lol

  • Xen Gi
    Xen Gi

    You also just showed the whole world how to replicate your car key.

    • heatshield

      Yep. I just told a YTr with over a million subs yesterday that he shouldn't post images of his motorcycle key and wheel lock key. Has he taken it down yet? Nope. This was on a community post with only a couple hundred comments, so pretty good chance he read it. We can't help them all. haha

  • Bzainas

    What's appen when you drop it?

  • Nate L
    Nate L

    This guy is like a Rite aid brand Doug Demuro

  • Ranvir

    My Volvo keys opens CSGO skin cases for me.

  • Drew L
    Drew L

    Let's put instructions on how to open a key fob, ON THE INSIDE OF SAID FOB.

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S R B That was wicked

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins

    Acting like car keys are new

  • SilverSwe

    Not that unique.....

  • Girishkumar Peddi
    Girishkumar Peddi

    Why would you ever need to disable the front passenger side door? I can understand one of the rear doors but not the front door

  • Wayne Pond
    Wayne Pond

    Dont care

  • Sahil Manocha
    Sahil Manocha

    Earlier: i hate Tesla owners Now: i hate tesla and volvo owners

  • Bill Naova
    Bill Naova

    Wow you get a key in your key that can also lock you out...

  • Linca Denis
    Linca Denis

    My Golf 5 do the same thing , without taking out the key . All you have to do it's push a small red button on the lock door. Safety child lock or something like that it's called.

  • The Waffle
    The Waffle

    All german cars can do this . Mstly the key ejects through a spring which is cool asf

    • Danny Verdant
      Danny Verdant

      @The Waffle guess I misinterpreted your comment. My apologies your mighty Waffleness!

    • The Waffle
      The Waffle

      @Danny Verdant well i sayd that nearly all german cars can do it , not that volvo is german

    • Danny Verdant
      Danny Verdant

      Yeah but Volvo is a Swedish company and not German.

  • Alex Gregson
    Alex Gregson

    Am i missing something here? But why would you want to lock yourself out of your car?