Volvo S90 VS Mercedses E-Class Crash Test
2017 Volvo S90 VS Mercedses E-Class Crash Test
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  • Cafer Aydın
    Cafer Aydın

    Gözle fark edilecek kadar basit.. Mercedes çok sağlam

  • Mubarak Mahmud
    Mubarak Mahmud

    Volvo 👌🥰

  • Nurgazi Bekmurzaev
    Nurgazi Bekmurzaev


  • PanzerOffensive


  • Leif Andersson
    Leif Andersson

    Mercedes Benz!!!!! Still number one👍👍👍👍👍

  • Rayyzon

    Volvo is and will stay the safest car in their class!


    Volvo Glass is stronger

  • Plant Seed
    Plant Seed

    Surprised at the amount of damage at only 64km/hr.

  • michael sweeney
    michael sweeney

    Volvo rubbish

  • John Ohei
    John Ohei

    Volvo still the best safety vehicle.

  • Motorenbastler

    What? No side Airbags at Mercedes? Why didnt they opened? Even my A Class from 2001 has side Airbags

    • Motorenbastler

      @snoahhh h thats not the Point. At the most time all airbags open even when there is no side impact

    • snoahhh h
      snoahhh h

      they didn't open because there was no side impact.

  • Ceikupson

    Volvo the best!

  • Marco Rendón
    Marco Rendón


  • Pragyan 5th b
    Pragyan 5th b

    Please bro nexon vs mercedese crash test nexon are win

  • Мурат Мюждеджі
    Мурат Мюждеджі

    Mercedes and Volvo, it's smiler to put cherry and audi. Volvo not good car. Always problems, and very expensive details

    • Anna Louise Berg
      Anna Louise Berg

      🙄🙄🙄 None of these cars are unsafe. It’s called seatbelts and airbags (both invented my Volvo) and then a few other details.... 😉

  • black eagle
    black eagle


  • Mr Frog
    Mr Frog

    I love my Mercedses.

    • Sarah Harrington
      Sarah Harrington

      Does that include the rust 😂😂😂

  • Il Gwent
    Il Gwent


  • insainllama

    Today all the auto stopping tech is all the rage and volvos have had it since 2007.

  • TheBlueTiger

    Both companies are good!


    Volvo is Life

  • Jonin 999
    Jonin 999

    Non pengaman

  • Martin Studer
    Martin Studer

    that pole test did the MB better. all the other things i think the volvo is better.

  • Nikodemus Niko
    Nikodemus Niko

    ? What was the result ? Which is the better ??

  • Дмитрий Н
    Дмитрий Н

    У вольво металл как фольга))) VOLVO какашка.

    • Дмитрий Н
      Дмитрий Н

      @Павел Павел мастер не мастер, а в сортах говна разбираюсь 😀

    • Павел Павел
      Павел Павел

      Ты видно мастер по какашкам?😜

  • GAMING_SAM 101
    GAMING_SAM 101

    On the side pole test, the Volvo’s glass didn’t shatter but the pole went way deep in then the Mercedes

    • Rex

      Volvo is made to sacrifice the chassis and Volvo was smart to utilize the center console as part of it but added reinforced steel rods in the seats so when the doors finish compressing, it moves the force around the passenger and into a crush box in the center console. Therefor it looks worse but significantly less energy is transmitted to the passenger while the passenger is fine because it still kept the seat area whole and just used the center of the car instead of having to rely purely on the doors for energy absorbance. It’s part of their SIPS set up. They have used it since the first s80 models. I’ve parted out one and it’s impressive to see how it all works. You can see in the Volvo that the passengers move significantly less compared to the Mercedes. In a Tesla model 3 Vs s60 video you see this really coming into action.

  • Tom Milka
    Tom Milka

    with pole test volvo looks as shit

  • Mami Beyy
    Mami Beyy


  • Razai w211
    Razai w211

    The best or nothing love more MB

  • GURAY . . .
    GURAY . . .

    adı yeter MERCEDES

    • Mami Beyy
      Mami Beyy

      Dünyanın en güzel aracı Volvo :))

  • F S
    F S

    50km is nothing, people drive 130-200 km

    • Madars Rikards
      Madars Rikards

      I don't think there is good chance to survive side impact at 50 km/h much less 200 km/h, so let's start with small first.

    • phantyr

      So you dont slow down when you realize there will be an accident?

    • Daniel Bermå
      Daniel Bermå

      Sure, but its not where the accidents happens. The speed is high because the roads are safe. Where there are lots of obstacles, traffic, pedestrians and so on the speed is lower and its also where a majority of the accidents happens.

  • Jose Antonio Gutiérrez Sánchez
    Jose Antonio Gutiérrez Sánchez

    Porqué no están las ventanillas subidas???

  • yamahaevo

    Thats whats happen if you are letting you child drive in the volvo and sit in the back seat.

  • Мурат Мюждеджі
    Мурат Мюждеджі

    Volvo is chines toy. Mercedes better than Volvo 100 times

  • 스트리트류

    Good benz

    • WALKER

      ㅋㅋㅋ뭔ㅋㅋㅋ 볼보가 훨씬 나은데요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • George-Louis Diwan
    George-Louis Diwan

    Volvo seats are made to move on side impact

    • Kristian Johansson
      Kristian Johansson

      SIPS (side impact protection system)

    • Volvo for life
      Volvo for life

      I agreed.

  • victor Victor
    victor Victor

    Not even close. Volvo feels more like a chinese car that it is then the mb. At these speeds of course they are matched. What about 20 30 more km per hour. Volvo will fall apart meanwhile mb will still offer some protection.

  • Ant Trebsy
    Ant Trebsy

    Until recently Volvo had an unbeaten safety record, its only because other companies are copying that they are getting closer, who invented the Cross over body seat belt for a start, yes it was Volvo

  • Elioss Qwerty
    Elioss Qwerty

    Volvo best

  • Big Rigs Tiktok
    Big Rigs Tiktok


  • Andrzej Susidko
    Andrzej Susidko

    Mietek górą

  • Kon Sen
    Kon Sen


  • Bartłomiej Wicher
    Bartłomiej Wicher

    Mercedes smashes this volvo without a sweat. Mercedes offers a class higher safety.

    • APG

      @Bartłomiej Wicher thats unfortunate

    • Bartłomiej Wicher
      Bartłomiej Wicher

      @APG Well, i think glasses don't burn at all.

    • APG

      can I have some of what you're smoking

  • G. COM
    G. COM

    Cool tests.

  • Julio Dominguez
    Julio Dominguez

    Volvo always

  • Mike Pekala
    Mike Pekala

    Volvo did better on the pedestrian, but in the pole test the MB did a lot better. That pole went in deep into the Volvo.

    • Anna Louise Berg
      Anna Louise Berg

      @Sarah Harrington I’m sorry that you had an awful crash. I too had a terrifying crash. I am fine though. It haunted me for years. I used to get nightmares and night sweats. The accident was my fault. The Audi A4 was speeding so I didn’t see it until it was too late. I t-boned it and the guy had to be cut out of the vehicle which was a write off. I was unharmed, 8 months pregnant with twins ( I gave birth 4 weeks later to 2 healthy babies) I was in a Volvo S40. My car survived but I sold it after the crash and bought the biggest Volvo I could get. XC90 and I still drive XC90 to this date. It might not be considered the coolest car by many people but to me it is my rock.

    • Sarah Harrington
      Sarah Harrington

      I have always had Volvo's after a very had accident that left me part paralysed . Volvo are the safest cars no matter what you like .. safe us far better as I found out I will not buy anything else ever again.

    • Rex

      Actually you can’t really look at the side impact deformation like that. Volvo makes a crumple box in the center console (been doing it since the first gen s80) with a strong steel set of rods in the seats that transfer the door crushing into the box in the center console so not all of the side impact has to be absorbed by the door and allows for far greater energy dissipation. In the video of a Tesla model 3 vs an older s60 it shows a significant decrease in G forces on the dummie’s head and lower spine in the Volvo. It’s not about how whole the car looks in the end. It’s about how much energy gets to the passengers and how much it protects them. So the seat doesn’t get crushed on because of the steel rods that push the forces across the passenger. It’s part of the SIPS protection system. Pretty neat especially when you part out these cars and see how it’s all set up. Now don’t get me wrong. Mercedes does make a pretty tough car. It’s just Volvo works harder now on energy deflection than just being rock.

  • MauriceBln1

    V90 vs. S-Class please

  • 토마카에 미쳤어!!!
    토마카에 미쳤어!!!

    저도 이럭해 되지 않으거예요

  • Marco

    If I hit a pedestrian, i pray to god, its a democrat. So i stick to Mb

  • chandra rao avanigadda
    chandra rao avanigadda

    Make video Kia Optima

  • Justus Janssen
    Justus Janssen

    that volvo side pole impact seems to hurt

  • Mert Afacan
    Mert Afacan

    Tell volvo’s passengers that they crashed.

    • TheBlueTiger

      Omg lmao

    • George-Louis Diwan
      George-Louis Diwan


  • Dr.Strange

    The more smarter, safer car, so more crazy and stupid people will be outside thanks to the phones.

  • Aydın Dadashzade
    Aydın Dadashzade


  • Арнольд Петрович
    Арнольд Петрович

    32 км об столб не о чем! Было было эпичней если было хотябы 80км

    • A. MELEKH
      A. MELEKH

      @Ігроман Не смогут продать безопасность - заставят купить экологию ;)

    • Ігроман

      А як тоді безпеку продавать? Одні маніпулянти кругом.

    • mr. regik
      mr. regik

      Даже на 60 там будет мясо, удар сильнее в 4 раза и столб войдёт в салон наполовину.

  • Nick

    Volvo for me didn’t like the Mercedes pedestrian safety it hit the kid 😬😬😬

  • keri Smith
    keri Smith

    Want to see mortoway style tests.. 70-90mph going to a back of a car or lorry or impacts with central res..

    • Social Justice Warrior
      Social Justice Warrior

      Bro, if a loaded lorry is travelling 90 mph and hits the back of a car, it will erase you from existence no matter what car you are driving. I don't thin you truly appreciate the forces behind a 40-60 ton truck doing 90mph are. Such an impact would blow the car into little bits of pieces and the truck would not even be slowed down by the impact (which means if the cars are waiting in a traffic light and the truck loses it's brakes, it will blow several cars into peaces before coming to a stop). What I just told you is not even a hypothetical example of what would happen if a truck ran through several cars, this is something that actually happened in some countries. The non graphic ones are here on youtube.

    • Ben Wilde
      Ben Wilde

      No car is capable of withstanding being hit from behind by a Lorry doing 70, let alone the passengers. That being said, Volvo are alone in safety testing their cars so comprehensively for rear impacts

  • Visionery1

    Severe whiplash and impact with the headrest for the rear passengers. I'm wondering when airbags will be fitted to the rear of front seats to protect those travelling in the rear.

    • teslaudi

      @Visionery1 It looks like the new 2021 Mercedes S-Class will have airbags in the rear of the front seats. The S-Class always pioneers technology like this so that is to be expected

    • Visionery1

      @Jacopo M whiplash puts the neck at risk; the sudden acceleration/deceleration forces put the brain at risk. Airbags at the rear are necessary and they will come in time, just like rear seat belts did.

    • Jacopo M
      Jacopo M

      Never because it’s not necessary and it’s more dangerous for whoever is sitting in the front seat

    • keri Smith
      keri Smith

      I was thinking the same thing

  • Gökberk Göktuğ Atilla
    Gökberk Göktuğ Atilla

    No Difference.

    • nilay

      Aaa 2 türk

    • Onur Fidan
      Onur Fidan

      4.08 for example xd

  • Bera Rnx
    Bera Rnx


  • the _ mountains 95
    the _ mountains 95

    Volvo 👍

  • RaduC

    Yes Mertz , with engine parts , seatbelts,airbags,chairs,turbo,injectors and other parts made in Romania,Bulgaria,Slovakia or other countries than Germany.

    • Maple Aviation
      Maple Aviation

      Third party yes

  • Ali Kerem ERDEM
    Ali Kerem ERDEM

    Mercedes forever

    • P.


  • The car guy
    The car guy

    Both crap cars now, just the image remains.

  • Missi F
    Missi F

    Ist halt Mercedes.... Wie beim Volvo das Dach schwingt.. 🙄

  • Jean-yves Derick
    Jean-yves Derick

    Volvo S 90 ! 💪💪

    • Sarah Harrington
      Sarah Harrington

      @Tyson 123 well I trust you have been in a serious car accident . Ask me pet I am now disabled so before you think it's funny trust me ain't !

    • Tyson 123
      Tyson 123

      @Sarah Harrington In your dreams 😂😂

    • Sarah Harrington
      Sarah Harrington

      S90 best car ever made .

    • AMG Performance
      AMG Performance

      But mercedes is more safe

  • marshalllucky

    you would have to be a dummy to get into either of these cars, reminds me of the mini metro crash test :-(

    • squazz

      Nice trolling

  • Daniel Svoboda
    Daniel Svoboda

    Volvo je Volvo!

    • Daniel Svoboda
      Daniel Svoboda

      @AMG Performance Volvo 🤝 Mercedes 😄

    • AMG Performance
      AMG Performance

      @Daniel Svoboda mercedes>volvo

    • Daniel Svoboda
      Daniel Svoboda

      Mercedes je Mercedes. Volvo je Volvo!

    • AMG Performance
      AMG Performance

      Samo sto mercedes ima bolje ocene😁😁

    • Volvo for life
      Volvo for life

      Tako je....


    The Best Mercedes.

  • Adem Adem
    Adem Adem


  • Daniel 1
    Daniel 1

    I still would have Mercedes

  • Muzaffer Sancaktutan
    Muzaffer Sancaktutan

    Benz başka tanımam 👍


      @Isengard Middle 😂😂😂

    • Isengard Middle
      Isengard Middle

      tanıştırayım (_)_)::::::::::::::::::::::ID

  • Penjara

    Da beste oder nichts🙂🙂

    • Janis Lauva
      Janis Lauva

      Also volvo 🤣🙈

    • Janis Lauva
      Janis Lauva

      Also volvo 🤣🙈

  • alex Lo
    alex Lo

    Who needs more cost in metainance?

  • 3IS -
    3IS -

    The more a car crumbles upon impact the safer it is. Your body absorbs less impact. So just because a car looks destroyed after an accident doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. The opposite actually.

    • Madars Rikards
      Madars Rikards

      @Social Justice Warrior How does side impact crumble zone work, there is just so little space between you and the door?

    • Madars Rikards
      Madars Rikards

      Side impact - mobile barrier at 50 km/h doesn't seem to crumble the car, tho it moves it quiet a bit, so impact must be great. And what if you have some load on the roof and in the back trunk, or God forbid trailer hooked up? The car would move less so the impact would be shorter and harder.

    • phantyr

      It should be ballanced as if the greenhouse gets crumbled thats a bad sign.

    • Sarah Harrington
      Sarah Harrington

      @P. haha love it !

    • Sarah Harrington
      Sarah Harrington

      Well said EY

  • Yacine Lebied
    Yacine Lebied


  • Mr8Zylinder

    Mercedes Benz

  • mattikaki

    Volvo’s Safery assist is much much better than MB’s. Volvo 93 vs MB only 62 points and you saw how the Mercedes hit the pedestrian but Volvo stopped really well. Volvo is clearly safer than Mercedes. Also Volvo’s side impact safety is really impressive because it reduces the forces much better than MB due to Volvo SIPS which allows the front seat to move centerwards and is much more softer and safer to the driver or front passenger. This is an old system Volvo has had over 25 years.

  • True-Blue Righteous
    True-Blue Righteous

    Benz looks safer...

    • wikad


    • s. N.
      s. N.

      @teslaudi Wow... Volvo is still a tank and the Best... No one will die in a Volvo after 2021!

    • teslaudi

      s. N. Mercedes-Benz is adding a new type of airbag in the rear of the front seats to protect rear passengers in the new S-Class.

    • s. N.
      s. N.

      @teslaudi Volvo has knee Airbags Sideairbags and Frontairbags, same like in Mercedes-Benz! We in Germany say to Volvo.....swedish tank!

    • teslaudi

      s. N. The crumple zone and airbags save more lives than some steel. What’s the big difference between normal steel and boron steel? The Mercedes and Volvo seem to be just as safe as one another in these crash tests.

  • paul sehstedt
    paul sehstedt

    The MB hit the pedestrian, the Volvo not. Anyway: I would go for the Volvo because it has better, more comfortable seats, the design i premium and not bulky as the MB. And I do not buy a car for crushing it.

    • Sarah Harrington
      Sarah Harrington

      @Jocke Jocksson well said. I love my volvos as well much better paintwork it wont rust like a german car does. Volvos are built with quality in mind and there engine are so superior.

    • Jocke Jocksson
      Jocke Jocksson

      @EinarFromWish I did the opposit, From MB and BMW to a Volvo S90. Wont ever go back! Love the Volvo comfort! And I think Volvo is a more good looking car

    • Mohamed hafizh
      Mohamed hafizh

      @b. c. which model if you dont mind me asking?

    • Ken-Daniel Sikuta
      Ken-Daniel Sikuta

      @b. c. and Saab

    • b. c.
      b. c.

      Older volvos have the most comfortable seats ever.

  • Del Etc
    Del Etc

    Volvo W

  • General Zirkobi
    General Zirkobi

    A good Mercedes is a dead Mercedes

    • General Zirkobi
      General Zirkobi

      @gixxer329 You're right, my young friend. The best or nothing, and that means Volvo 😉

    • gixxer329


  • ayman kili
    ayman kili

    Benz is safer

  • Thomas Margis
    Thomas Margis

    Mercedes glass seems to be a bit fragile.... Collapses totally, while Volvos is intact!

    • Music

      @Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve You will have to search the manufacturers build and crash test data, not the usually the type of thing on the front page. No i dont have a link for you with direct, time saving link access, but you will find it if you research a bit deeper.

    • Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve
      Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve

      @Music interesting, do you know where I can find such schematics?

    • Music

      @Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve If you go find the colour coded schematics, of the car skeleton, there are generally 7 metals used in the mass produced versions of these type of cars. Mild steel, High Strength, Very High Strength, Extra High Strength, Ultra High Strength, Aluminum. Of course, in the more exotic versions we see full body carbon fibre, etc. Ultra High Strength steel is used in the actual CAGE, to protect your head and body from intrusion. Just like we see in cages in professional racing 😉.

    • Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve
      Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve

      @Music what do you mean 'too mild' and 'ultra high strength', which material properties are we talking about here?

    • Music

      @Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve Windshield shattering ALSO means that the steel used across the roof line is too mild ;). If you look at car schematics, this is the area that is NOT supposed to deform, as it did in the Mercedes, thus shatterring the windshield. Ultra high strength steel is being used today in 2018+ models. The area above your head is a no compromise area. Yes, sciemce ;).

  • george ibrahim
    george ibrahim

    Mercedes leader in safety and luruxy

    • vstefis

      Mercedes invented the ABS, the airbag and the front and rear crumple the 60s!!! And the adaptive cruise control.... Yes, Volvo invented the 3 point safety belt and SIPS... They are both very safe cars... I would be happy in either.

    • P.

      Mercedes is also the Leader at heading to the dealership for a Holiday in the Shop. I have 5 Volvos and 3 Mercedes. Those 3 pieces of Junk are repeat offenders. They milk me like a Cow. Why ,I Keep those 3 junks ? You have to ask my wife.

    • Pete S.
      Pete S.

      @george ibrahim Volvo invented the 3 point seatbelt

    • george ibrahim
      george ibrahim

      Well Benz invented the airbag and also was the first car whit a passenger airbag whitout that no one would have that idea

    • Yacine Lebied
      Yacine Lebied

      @Tribalsun 😝😂😁, Mercedes benz n1 BMW Audi Porsche Rolls-Royce Bentley Ferrari ...n2 Volvo jaguar Volkswagen cadillac... N3

  • sprinter1313

    Mercedes is safer

  • E Zamorano
    E Zamorano

    Siempre el dummy en el asiento del conductor golpea su cabeza en el pilar B al rebotar en el airbag. Ever the dummy driver HIT her head in the B pillar when boucing....

  • GAMING_SAM 101
    GAMING_SAM 101

    ofc the volvo is a TINY bit more safer. But u have to admit that the merc is older then the volvo. The volvo's material are stronger because they are newer.

    • Rex

      Tom Milka completely depends on the model though. The p3 chassis. Yeah it’s disconnected in feeling and squishy but the p2 with some more of a road set up with shocks and springs and it’s pretty fantastic for a comfortable luxury car. The Mercedes have never been very comfortable in lower trims for me. And the volvos are built to take on much harsher conditions and roads so they aren’t as low and sporty from the factory for longevity of the car not smacking the road every 5 seconds because it sits too low. I’ve just put new springs on and shocks from Sachs and lesjofors along with new subframe bushings and poly inserts and it handles really well for the comfort that it offers. More confidence inspiring for any other car that sits at this ride hieght. Volvos aren’t sporty but they do give confidence and are more controlled in emergency maneuvers if the suspension is maintained. I have far more confidence in my lifted 1999 s80 compared to a lower and much newer crossover. It’s not that direct of a compare in handling tbh because I’ve been in some pretty terrible Mercedes and volvos when it comes to handling.

    • Tom Milka
      Tom Milka

      @Rex with bad side volvo is handling is shity

    • Rex

      Tom Milka the Volvo performed close to what it was supposed to. They have found that you can reduce forces on the passengers by up to 40% by using both the doors and center console as crumple zones. They have a crush box in the center console that gets entering transferred by the seat which has very heavy duty steel rods with plates on them that has the force of the doors go around the passenger and into the center console. Volvos are made to look destroyed so the passengers aren’t. They are heavily engineered to sacrifice very specific parts. They have used this SIPS set up since the first s80 models.

    • Tom Milka
      Tom Milka

      @GAMING_SAM 101 ikr ?

    • GAMING_SAM 101
      GAMING_SAM 101

      Tom Milka ikr

  • Costisor Dorin
    Costisor Dorin

    I’m a Volvo fan ,but from all i see ,i think the Mercedes is safer .

    • yamahaevo

      Wow good points why right there

    • Tribalsun

      Not true Costisor

    • Inspirer

      Volvo is safer. The Volvo slows down during the crash but the Mercedes goes to a full stop immediately. Therefore Volvo much safer.

  • Miinan ja manun Metsästys-seura
    Miinan ja manun Metsästys-seura

    Mercedesbenz is best

    • Abussihah Al Akhyar
      Abussihah Al Akhyar

      @Shmeep ur fact about Tesla is bullshit and wrong in every way. In Q1 2019, Tesla registered 1 accident for every 2.87 million miles when on auto pilot and every 1.76 million miles when auto pilot is not engaged. Tesla more prone to fire? Bullshit as fuck. There's a person's Model X was SPLIT IN HALF because of a stupid driver driving like a maniac yet, there wasnt even a smoke coming out of the Tesla.

    • universal elements
      universal elements

      @monsterchannel24 hi. I think you are a good person to ask that question so thank you in advance for responding.: I.m a young father and i could afford a 30k used car. I would like to buy something from 2017 with 50k kilometers between. Volvo s90, e ckass, 5 series and audi A6. I would like to know from your opinion if we take all thise cars with the 2.0 TDI engine around 180 190 hp. Which do you think its the most:relaiable (mechanichal problems) ;;f uel efficient, silent interior,(noise insulation) ;. Comfort seats. I don.t look at the design of them since inlike all of them equally. Thank you for your answer. I will consider it when buying next summer

    • Alfs Awful
      Alfs Awful

      W. K. Nothing worse than fucking up a smart arse reply eh!

    • W. K.
      W. K.

      @Alfs Awful then you must be upset when taking it them in your mouth

    • iluvmercedes

      Sugarfoot 007 Maybach not Mayback

  • Standly UA
    Standly UA

    So, Volvo's luxury sedan is WINNER!

  • Koko Stay
    Koko Stay

    0:50 dap

    • phantyr

      @Koko Stay then correct it

    • Koko Stay
      Koko Stay

      @phantyr ı know

    • phantyr


    • Ryan Shannon
      Ryan Shannon

      Good catch!