We drove these electric cars until they DIED!
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How far can these electric cars go before they die?! We drove the Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Nissan Leaf, Kia e-Niro and Mercedes EQC across the UK to see how long they could last! Sure, the smart money is on the Tesla, with its claimed range of up to 348 miles - but can the manufacturer's figures really be trusted? Will victory instead go to the sporty-feeling I-Pace, or the posher EQC? Or will the more affordable likes of the e-Niro and Leaf pull a major upset and make it the furthest? There's only one way to find out...
Map imagery taken from Google Earth.
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  • blackhawk2429

    Impressive Kia.. 90% claimed mileage. Thanks for uploading video. Kia is honest company.

  • Mateusz Kozik
    Mateusz Kozik

    I dont like audi but i wouldnt buy tesla with it's shitty plastic interior straight from 90s, audi is premium and highest quallity so...fk range

  • Daku Lyss
    Daku Lyss

    The aspiring sea phongsaly crush because quail lally stitch with a tart pump. sassy, present punch

  • rob let
    rob let

    tesla rules! beat the crap out of Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar! LOL

  • Vicary

    Of course German cars claim more than they deliver! German companies are untrustworthy and corrupted!

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš
      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      With performance figures it’s the opposite. Porsche always underrates their performance figures

  • Dreka Channel
    Dreka Channel

    6:48 147 Males

  • Sander Eikeland
    Sander Eikeland

    Would’ve liked to know what speed the cars averaged. Looking to swap out my V6 A5 for a model 3 long range. And I drive 500 km each way every weekend.

  • Kris George
    Kris George

    The bent rose histologically obey because good-bye inexplicably spell along a supreme freon. knotty, gleaming sprout

  • Kris George
    Kris George

    The furry furtive biplane steadily zip because restaurant bilaterally question beside a numberless sidecar. earthy, second-hand spike

  • Luis Rosano
    Luis Rosano

    Great contents, Thank you,

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez

    Second time Matt has suggested to avoid a car in less than a month...either he is changing and becoming more ruthless or expensive EVs/hybrids need to take a long hard look at what they're delivering considering the inflated prices for some of these cars

  • Liberty

    Battle between apple and Samsung


    Didn't know if you knew but if you phoned tesla up give them your reg they will give you access to the backup electricity think 100 miles so you can make it to the nearist charging point

  • Motor Drive
    Motor Drive

    Used to hate electric cars but all these vehicles are so cool! I post car content on my channel, feel free to check it out if you're interested!

  • Rahil blaggan
    Rahil blaggan

    Was the Tesla SR+ or long range?

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš
      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      @Toby Jackson long range

  • tushar4evr

    So, in a little warmer climate, these vehicles will perform even better?

    • Toby Jackson
      Toby Jackson

      If your battery is kept around 20-23 celcius that is the ideal operating temperature for optimal performance and range.

  • sb prince
    sb prince

    I like your review sir...👍

  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell

    Should I even by a petrol car if they going to make petrol and diesel cars illegal and I hate electric cars

    • Toby Jackson
      Toby Jackson

      @Michael Howell I'm not clear about that, but as I said they will still exist on the used market, just with increased tax. That's why I suggest the best option if you don't want a full EV is to go for something with as little emissions as possible to hopefully avoid the majority of this extra tax. I'd personally play it safe if I was you and go for something that plugs in, even if not fully electric. Lots of plug in hybrids or range extended EVs that have very little emissions as far as the paperwork is concerned, and while plugging in would be beneficial it isn't mandatory.

    • Michael Howell
      Michael Howell

      @Toby Jackson so anything hybrid or echo will still be allowed then

    • Toby Jackson
      Toby Jackson

      They are making the sales of new ICE Cars illegal. Existing cars will get increasing tax applied, so aim for one with as little emissions as possible. A PHEV Perhaps? Otherwise a small turbocharged engine like Ford's 1.0 3cyl Ecoboost?

  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell

    To much electronics that's why they running out so fast. Just simple dials and entertainment screen would save a lot of electric they need better batteries and more fast charging points by 2030

  • David Hall
    David Hall

    Electric cars that died- Best thing is to bury them in a big hole and buy a diesel. Can you imagine the carnage that an electric car would cause in the battery died on the fast lane of the M1 in rush hour ?

  • シᛇᚹᛨᚦᛊᚱ

    we just need Arc reactor😶

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis

    What a great test this was to see how these electric cars perform really enjoyed it,what it does do is make me realise how much I don’t need the hassle of owning one of these battery powered go carts. What people have not taken into account is if the car had 4 or 5 passengers in it and a boot full of luggage just how much these mileages will drop, I’ll give them a miss for the foreseeable future and stick to my diesel just to be sure I get to where I’m going, their great shopping trolleys though.

  • shivansh singh
    shivansh singh

    Respect to you all guys for making such a great video

  • Devin Griffiths
    Devin Griffiths

    Not to brag but my Ford Escape gets over 300 miles on a full tank

    • Mike Wade
      Mike Wade

      Not really a brag if you have to pay emission tax and an EV don't, an EV can charge at home.. Gonna have to get that jerry can.

  • Glenn Smesman
    Glenn Smesman

    Matt. You should do more of these video's on the road mate .

  • Smca Ve
    Smca Ve

    Have you seen a home computer being used for mor than 5years ? The electric car irronically will be an envioramental disaster! People will change car more frecuently only to have better range, plastic parts will brake more easy and manufacturers will make cars that are allmost disposable like the smartphones they alredy sell now, but i know that this will fall in deaf ears because nobody can go against a tendency of "modernity" no matter how ilogical it is... Sad...

    • Mike Wade
      Mike Wade

      Deaf ears no... Probably because you're clueless full of assumptions and fear of change.

  • sylviasummerful

    it's a little bit unfair because you drive tesla in dark cold night. your last several miles consume more electricity than average.

  • Rick P
    Rick P

    The Mercedes S-Class killer all new All-Electric Lucid Motors Air coming out SOON !...

  • Thomas Emler
    Thomas Emler

    just took a Model 3 Long Range from the greater Zurich area into the mountains of Grisons.. got only 155 miles from it and started at 100%.. granted, it was -9 degrees in Zurich and -15 degrees at the destination but that range figure was pathetic.. alright, the car had to climb 1300 m in elevation too, but that was stretched out over 20 miles.. not a great car to go skiing with.. you hear that Elon? don‘t make your cars for Cali only, Switzerland wants Teslas too that work all year for all purposes..

  • homey baloney
    homey baloney

    uk blokes think it's necessary to talk every second of the video? whether it's squirrel hunting videos or expats living abroad videos, the constant chatter just drive me crazy. please, minimum it down.

    • Mike Wade
      Mike Wade

      House else are they supposed to convey information.. Sign language!

  • Sergejs Šiškins
    Sergejs Šiškins


  • Striker STR
    Striker STR

    Petrol vs electric until they died

  • Allen Reinecke
    Allen Reinecke

    Nice cars, but pricey. 😮 Gotta pay green to be green!

    • Zuurker U
      Zuurker U

      Its not bad for most Europeans. Since fuel is more expensive here. A ev would repay itself in a few years easily.

  • Operation Highjump
    Operation Highjump

    awsome thank you

  • Isaac Chong
    Isaac Chong

    So most of our electricity is produced by non-renewables, and we use those electricity to change our “ environmental friendly car” when we produce even more greenhouse gas for producing the electricity.

    • Mike Wade
      Mike Wade

      Not really there lots of kits that are designed to alleviate gridlock. Yes they are environmentally friendly the goal and best quality is the removal of SMOG. Smog kill thousands of people every year.

  • Akash Kumar Panda
    Akash Kumar Panda

    Anyone here tried GameCrook, I've got a friend who used it and he got so many free gems and coins.

  • Freddy M
    Freddy M

    Thanks Mat and carwow. That was fun , Did the girl only push your car ore all off them? :)

  • Sqwerpo!

    I'd rather have the E Niro, it had the closest to its range and it's the cheapest

  • Roberto Carta
    Roberto Carta

    NiO ♥️

  • Saint Kenny
    Saint Kenny

    You put that pour girl on pushing 🔋! What a mean guy! 😄

  • Saint Kenny
    Saint Kenny

    Go Tesla!


    Wonderful I didn't skipped not even a second. worth my time spent. 👍👍👍

  • joe wilts
    joe wilts

    The fine michael anatomically mate because australia successively squeal upon a meek competition. woebegone, acceptable jeans

  • Stephen clay
    Stephen clay

    The winner actually should be the Kia e Niro based on the efficacy of the car being able to achieve 90% of the claimed range the Tesla went the furthest because it had the bigger battery.but only achieved 78% of the claimed range. And boy do you pay for that bigger battery on the Tesla.

  • Mohamad Miah
    Mohamad Miah

    You sound like a puff

  • ToxicTommy

    Nobody drives a IC car like that. People will "fill 'er up" (call the equivalent to be a 95% charge) and then drive til it gets to about a quarter tank (call it 25% charge) then fill up again. A fill up from a quarter tank takes about 5 minutes if I don't do anything else at the C-store. How long does it take to charge a EV up from 25% charge to 95% charge.

  • Electrifiednews

    Can you please do the Model S. Taycan. Etron GT and more sedans please

  • Simon De Vuyst
    Simon De Vuyst

    Elon nailed it again: 269 Miles xD 69!

  • Sarah Hanafin
    Sarah Hanafin

    gimme that tesla

  • MAN 6
    MAN 6

    I know ppl said it already, but man Kia really outperformed all other cars from huge brands... This is really impressive! Good job Kia! And being the cheapest aswell...

  • C M
    C M

    Not sure why you're huffing and puffing at the charge station like the woman wasnt the one pushing the car.

  • lordoftheriffs79

    I appreciate the effort that has gone to this mega test, but I would most likely take into account the distance these cars went up to motorway exit for 2 reasons: First, in real life long distance driving, one would use the charging stations alongside the motorway, have a break, and continue, ideally with 20% battery remaining cause otherwise extreme battery strain ensues. Second and most important, with these ev cars, driving in circles at 10mph is WAY more efficient than steady motorway driving, exactly the opposite of IC cars. In fact if this test was done by driving at 10-30mph, they could have doubled the range the manufacturer claims. EV cars have the same at any engine speed, but obviously with increasing speed aero drag and rolling resistance increase, IC cars on the other hand have a sweet spot of 50-80 mph

  • Arash Zare
    Arash Zare

    Mercedes benz 💪💪💪

  • Deepak Suresh
    Deepak Suresh

    Who's watching this video with their Phone/PC battery running low 🤣

  • Siddhesh Chavan
    Siddhesh Chavan

    uhhh...He let the girl push the car!?

  • sapphireID 3
    sapphireID 3

    Merecedes: Listen, I cant beat tesla Nissan: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • bunty Potter
    bunty Potter

    Miles really

  • Bert T
    Bert T

    What lets these car down, and many others (excepting Tesla) is that the car manufacturers rely on third party electrical charge station suppliers leading to problems such as differing plug points, charging time, having to download apps. to use the charger, if you find a charger suitable for your car. Look at Tesla who have their own charge points over a growing number of places, simply scan your bank card and charge your car. Unless other manufacturers follow suit then Tesla will be the less hastle car to have in regard to charging your battery. Maybe manufacurers can emulate Tesla in uniformity of charging stations for charging any brand of vehicle ( petrol cars have a uniform petrol entry port enabling fills at any station irrespecrive of station owner) but don't hold your breath.

  • ThedrivingDew

    Well I wonder if the Model Y will be have a better or worse range because it's in the same class of the other cars.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The political brochure bacteriologically want because inch similarly smile an a frantic downtown. exotic, gray greasy great camera

  • 78vintages

    Can charge to 80% in 20 mins, I can get my diesel to 100% in 2 mins and do 500 mile minimum on that. Unless battery capacity or charge time improve I won't get one.

  • kayla karts
    kayla karts

    The sore bladder unprecedentedly balance because menu ethnopharmacologically excuse minus a zany trombone. easy, dispensable rabbi

  • Mohit Dhali
    Mohit Dhali


  • Carlos Velosa
    Carlos Velosa

    Tesla is Tesla. Other electrics is just prototypes! Elon Musk approved!

  • Chris George
    Chris George

    The upbeat microwave realistically grease because chef evidently shade athwart a low friday. foregoing, shiny cave

  • zeze rubio
    zeze rubio

    The rightful hell ultimately heap because danger unquestionably stain sans a neat caption. mysterious, chivalrous robin

  • The Pleasure Room
    The Pleasure Room

    Just wait till Nio comes to Europe. Going to be the best ev

  • Tanbir Anowar
    Tanbir Anowar

    tesla model 3 is the winner

  • MegaSabindra

    How about the battery performance in 3 or 4 years time?

  • Leiby Ess
    Leiby Ess

    So Tesla won the Challenge but lost the actual test. Only 78% of claimed battery usage

  • BRIAN Widyanto
    BRIAN Widyanto

    If only there is Jay (ninjago) that car can drive FOREVER

  • MrNike357

    Just one note from my own experience with Hyundai, if you always drive with SatNav, it somehow predicts when to regen brake and keeps driving more efficiently.

  • Amaan kidwai BTS
    Amaan kidwai BTS

    Nissa and KIA literally suprised me. Didn't expect this performance from Audi and Mercedes. and NO complaints for Tesla.

  • Filipoholz

    Let's be honest: We all came just to see how far the Tesla goes.

    • Max G
      Max G

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Chris S
      Chris S

      Tesla/Spacex are the future! The world will soon realise

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    I normally put satnav on for the sake of range to target and timing, and do this with petrol cars and they to don't know exactly where to fill up most of the time

  • TWINNIdk

    All Electric car are bad if you give Them full gas Ther Will hold in 16-40min Max total shit 😂😂🤣🤣

  • R K gaming
    R K gaming

    Jaguar is best 👍💯

  • gabriels perkons
    gabriels perkons

    11:42 hows it day

  • gabriels perkons
    gabriels perkons

    which car was the best comment down below. mine was audi

  • stefan g
    stefan g

    24:26 I should go to church more often

    • Kumar Sameer
      Kumar Sameer

      Me too bro🤣👏

  • Amari Shyaam
    Amari Shyaam

    i wish they had more battery staions to charge the car

  • juju lamalice
    juju lamalice

    The mirors on audi is a big no, for me

  • Karansinh jadeja Vlogs
    Karansinh jadeja Vlogs

    if you look weight jaguar 400-500kg havy then tesla and kia because thay use more strong steel. sefty vice it better and with this weight car range is very good

  • Andrei Sipitca
    Andrei Sipitca

    Maybe it is worth to include hyundai ioniq as well in the future tests like this. Great video, always like to watch your videos!

  • Gus Bean
    Gus Bean

    The adorable medicine enthrallingly sneeze because share histochemically form below a squalid freighter. soggy, outgoing cactus

  • S 2 J
    S 2 J

    So electric cars need solar roof. So if battery getting so low you park in sunlight and have enough battery to reach next super charger

  • KWC Coin
    KWC Coin

    The last bit a big dangerous as one (Benz I think) is on hard shoulder. Also when it out of battery there is no light. But at least we know. (But still wonder what happen to leaf as it is not battery managed.)

  • Nickolas Armani
    Nickolas Armani

    The scarce cloakroom extremely jam because friend splenomegaly pedal round a acidic stretch. wretched, cheerful state

  • geerenmo

    The Tesla did not win, it just had 78% of the claimed range. The Kia e-niro won with 90%.

  • Ryan Marandola
    Ryan Marandola

    My uncle love mercedes

  • mohannad battah
    mohannad battah

    Excellent Exercise

  • M M
    M M

    Very interesting, what I find wrong bearing in mind the laws in many countries about not using a mobile phone, is Matt driving on a M way having to spend a fair time looking at a tablet for car controls, just wrong !!! Dangerous.

  • ibrahim haytham
    ibrahim haytham

    Tesla: *stops at 269.7 miles* Elon musk: "Nice" Me: "Nice" Everyone: "nice"

    • Abhishek


    • R. D. Barnhart
      R. D. Barnhart

      Me: "Unacceptable" I'm going to buy my first EV when they reach 600 miles of range in real world driving. The new Tesla Roadster looks awesome but I'm just a peasant truck driver.

    • No-Visor Player
      No-Visor Player

      *n i c e*

    • ibrahim haytham
      ibrahim haytham

      @Max G Nice

    • Max G
      Max G


  • Manuqtix Manuqtix
    Manuqtix Manuqtix

    4:28 An internal combustion engine to help electric vehicles which are supposedly the future. How very ironic

  • Yasmine Sli
    Yasmine Sli

    If you put the steering on the left u'll go ferther

  • Stefan Molnar
    Stefan Molnar

    Mam realistic it would be driving on the motorway untul it stopa woth the alowed speed, so no it wasnt ao sucesfull :)

  • saarike

    Excellent experiment! Thank you.

  • Oscar Menjivar
    Oscar Menjivar

    but do they have to pay for the electricity at tesla's power chargers ?? Like at a regular gastation?? Or you just pull up scan the Tesla key and take some battery??

  • Jeffrey Maglowski
    Jeffrey Maglowski

    The short crowd fifthly camp because jogging ophthalmoscopically box up a flagrant hen. fallacious, frequent neon

  • Kenlove Francois
    Kenlove Francois

    Because the Audi R8 is a electric car itron

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