Why NASCAR Is Getting Kinda Weird
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Like every race series, NASCAR periodically updates the rules which define the cars. Unlike most race series, NASCAR's roots go back nearly 100 years, and so does some of the technology. But the 2022 update is huge: independent rear suspension, 6-speed sequential transaxles, 18" wheels with wider, lower profile tires, coil over suspension.
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    Do you think this Next Gen car will make racing more exciting? Should we have Jobe build one?! - Jerry

    • Guns Cars and Digits
      Guns Cars and Digits

      People watch Nascar for the crashes. People visit it for the sound. That's what makes it what it is. Honestly, I think they should have switched to leaf springs in the back, coilovers up front. Engines can remain the same. Unless, they wanna do a $12K budget for the long block to keep it competitive.

    • Mickey Nissan
      Mickey Nissan

      @Metal 'N Munchies Never said they are, that's all you mate. I enjoy NASCAR as much as any other guy. I also enjoy baseball with a cold beer and some loaded nachos, would be a lot less fun without those. Just having some fun man, lighten up.

    • Metal 'N Munchies
      Metal 'N Munchies

      @RealTylerP Uh....what you said. Seriously, could not have said it better. *golf clap*

    • Metal 'N Munchies
      Metal 'N Munchies

      @Mickey Nissan it's funny you think NASCAR fans are stupid, lol.

    • Metal 'N Munchies
      Metal 'N Munchies

      @t b Also, like in any professional sport, you got to pay to play.

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright

    I thought this was a NOOSECAR Bubba story... I quit watching after that BS and their support of the outright Marxist BLM group. Maybe the CCP will take a hankering to NOOSECAR? They can move over there, as they appear to support the same ideology and agenda.

  • 02autogt

    NASCAR is a shit show... Worst motorsport out there, not to mention boring as hell

  • NeonBootyGoon

    Oh, and i totally support a Donut Nascar team of Jobe and Jeremiah, and throw in Nolan, and the Pumps, and Darth Maul demon boy, just the whole crew.

  • NeonBootyGoon

    That editor edit at 4:35, fucking hilarious.

  • TXspecial86

    Its not even Nascar anymore with all these changes, We dont need independent rear suspension, or sequential gear boxes, they go in circles. The whole point IS the 4 gears.H pattern for a reason, wih a drive shaft ring and pinion, 2 springs, 2 shocks, and a track bar. And some balls. If you cant drive a heavy ass car like that then get out of Nascar. I quit watchin it anyway, they got too thirsty and went Woke. With the whole bubba wallace shedding fake tears, and having to watch them push his car and everyone follow behind him made me puke. That was nauseating. Then when they tried to make eeeeevryone think Newman was dead. they completely overplayed his accident like Lebron fakes a foul. Made everyone think Newman was dead or paralyzed or something horrible. for 24 hour. then the mofo walks his ass to the truck the next morning.....adios nascar! Was a fan for 25 years....no mas

  • Jake Manhire
    Jake Manhire

    No h pattern and independent suspension will ruin the sport like it did to v8 super cars, good job usa

  • Cluff Will
    Cluff Will

    It’s a shame nascar is killing themselves with politics. If they would quit being so politically correct they would get back many of their viewers. Idiots. nascar is for people with former racing experiences. Not a couple iracing idiots

  • Nigel Holme
    Nigel Holme

    I have a question relating to the broadcasting of Nascar.. can you only watch it on pay TV or is there a free to air component? In Australia, our touring car series has gone through many changes, and in that time the television broadcast started on free to air (no pay tv at that time) It was brilliant. Being able to watch your favourite drivers and teams at each event, live on TV. Many bbq's were enjoyed while watching the racing on TV with mates. I miss those days..

  • Veikra

    6:20 Hahahahahha !

  • Reeshad Muntasir
    Reeshad Muntasir

    Only single greatest way to describe America in 1 word NASCAR !!!

  • Reeshad Muntasir
    Reeshad Muntasir

    Ohhh, the nightmares of Lighting McQueen is around the corner! ☠


    This is getting more cars 3

  • WasteManagem3nt

    Nothing puts the "Stock" back into "Stock Car" like Single Lug Aluminum wheels, Sequential Gearboxes, and a heavier emphasis on equipment and engineering over driver ability. Theyre also getting a lot closer to hitting the actual Stock horsepower of a Toyota Camry. Exciting stuff folks.

  • billyjack70

    haha wow the models are so bad.

  • Host Renegade
    Host Renegade

    Definitely need to do Donut nascar, undefeatable team right there.

  • Richard Kule
    Richard Kule

    Why the music when you are talking? Annoying

  • edward jody woodliffe
    edward jody woodliffe

    cool i want the truck

  • AJ's Wonderful World
    AJ's Wonderful World

    I like the new car design, but I think the H shifter makes racing more fun. More skill based instead of just push or pull.

  • Alec Brown
    Alec Brown

    This is so funny! Bringing nascar cars forwaard on a par with any other racing series in the early 1990's. Wow, how hi tec. Maybe next you can get them to turn right.

  • Brad Bush
    Brad Bush

    All that is left is to change the name. Clearly they are not stock cars any longer, and have not been for a very long time. I miss the days of the Monte Carlos and Luminas.

  • Barney Miller
    Barney Miller

    That's a "NO THANKS" on the FIAT truck.

  • Johnny Mitch
    Johnny Mitch

    NASCAR has been a joke for 20 yrs. Haven't watched a race live in at least ten. Big tracks are just two trains running laps. Until a few cars derail. And the BUBBA incident solidified them as woke LibTards. It's funny, the fans have been practicing "social distancing" from them for 15 yrs !!


    if donut made a team i would watch nascar...

  • Josiah Lackey
    Josiah Lackey

    Donut NASCAR team!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Bgood
    Johnny Bgood


  • Harpy with Legs
    Harpy with Legs

    y not car jus go fast like ol’ day

  • bddestroyer_21

    NASCAR presents: Donut! A youtube channel turned into a NASCAR team. Me: Time to be a pit crew member

  • Onlytheclouds 1989
    Onlytheclouds 1989

    2 and a half minutes of ads lol come on boys

  • gull K
    gull K

    people still watch Nascar?

  • Bob Owen
    Bob Owen

    If only there were some way to put a powerful motor on each wheel and coordinate power with computer sensors. If only it were possible.

  • Vaggelis Karamanoglou
    Vaggelis Karamanoglou

    Nascar discovered in 2021 that independent suspension exists

  • kram Null
    kram Null

    Let's take bets on who breaks the first rear end....

  • chas barnes
    chas barnes

    Donut needs!!!!!! A NASCAR!!!!!!!

  • babaloo42

    Are they ever going to make the cars remotely controllable by the driver? Talk about safety!

  • Project Z
    Project Z

    donut nascar team is a great idea...................

  • William Shultz
    William Shultz

    Its no wonder why everyone is leaving NASCAR.

  • Gerald Darnell
    Gerald Darnell

    All these changes, and Bubba will still finish as a Wanna-Be Race Card Driver in the middle of the pack.

  • Al Bore
    Al Bore

    The empty grand stands said it all, Get Woke, Go Broke !

  • Doug S
    Doug S

    For me NASCAR started it's downhill slide when it became NAFCAR. It's all Fabricated with absolutely nothing Stock. It used to be: win on Sunday and sell on Monday but it's tough to sell a two door, rear wheel drive, v8 Camry when nothing of the sort exists. The early 2000's was good run for NASCAR financially but they took the cars/manufactures completely out of the picture and the cars and then racing got boooooooooring.

  • ThePreppersBunkerOutdoors

    ... wow. Nascar is getting even more from the point. This sport has been dead for over a decade. Now its deader. 👎🏻

  • mrrifleman

    wen it turns political,like nfl/nba,im out,like the noose bullshit,im gone

  • Deane Hippely
    Deane Hippely

    yes to nascar

  • Quake

    nascar is cool, but i dont think running a team would be within means. I would like to see a video about autocross though, and maybe you guys could enter an autocross event.

  • Bruce Fisher
    Bruce Fisher

    Corvette does NOT use a transaxle. It has a transmission/differential layout. Transaxles have trans and differential contained in a single (non-separated) case. And they share lubricating oil. A trans/differential can be separated into the two components. You can remove the transmission from a vette without removing the differential. You CAN'T do that with a transaxle... The placement of both units in the rear of the car has the same weight distribution benefits as a transaxle, but thats ALL they have in common. Point being: the terms trans/differential and transaxle are NOT interchangable.. I haven't seen one yet, but I highly suspect (for cost reasons alone) that this new car uses the same layout as the Corvette which means it's NOT a transaxle... prove me wrong...(and don't use Wikipedia)

  • Miguel Gow
    Miguel Gow

    Cool. But i still prefer f1

  • SRF Driver
    SRF Driver

    But if everyone gets the same thing then...who cares?

  • Gaveez

    Me watched cars 3, 4 years ago: It's happening...

  • DR.Mcstaby

    So they are making nascar cost more money and making more parts that can break...

  • George Guidish
    George Guidish

    Dodge (Ram) trucks are crap. do not waste your time.

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson

    Could they not design a car that could turn right 😂

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown


  • Artboi Artypants
    Artboi Artypants

    holy shit, I would buy so much merch to wear while I cheer for you guys if you guys start a nascar team

  • Danny J. Rumbles
    Danny J. Rumbles

    I knew they were gonna go after the manual transmission, driveshaft and rear end setup. Ol’ Dale Sr. wouldn’t like this new car. No way. #Missing#3

  • Denim_Dino

    As a Costa Rican i can confirm James does indeed have that island

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy

    Unsure of what the thumbnail was supposed to imply.

  • matteo hellard
    matteo hellard

    NASCAR is still a thing??

  • Rebel Rog
    Rebel Rog

    NASCAR got weird when they let Marxist politics get involved. Plus they stopped being "Stock" car racing decades ago. NASCAR sucks today, I quit watching entirely last year.

  • Dairis

    These cars look quite simple but powerfull, so i was wondering , how could some german sports car, for example RS6, would do in a race against these nascar monsters? I know nothing about nascar tho, just wondering how big is the gap in performance and how could some top spec german supercars do in a race like that.

  • The Polar Bear
    The Polar Bear

    I’m Australian so we have v8 super cars, I’m not sure how different they are but ours more race around various circuits instead of the 2 bends and 2 straights

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      Both are tubular chassis. I think v8 supercars still use a stock tub tho. NASCAR has custom. V8 super cars use 5.0L DOHC v8 where nascar uses a 5.8L Pushrod v8. Both make ~650hp. Both use a sequential transaxle. Super car has 6speed but 5 in nascar. Both have 1:1 as final drive. And nascar is 50kg heavier that’s about it

  • TheOneWhoMightBe

    You absolutely know that Roger Penske is leveraging the knowledge his staff gained while working on the DJRTP Falcons and Mustangs in the (Australian V8) Supercars.

  • DS75921

    but can you buy one of the next gen cars at a dealership to drive on the street????

  • michaelrowave

    That ram puts the f in ugly.

  • tee woods
    tee woods

    this will cost teams MILLIONS of dollars in R and D to get up to speed. what a joke.

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      Engine is the same as the old one. The only major difference is that rear end. So it’s just adjustments to the rear suspension. That won’t cost to much, just driving and adjustments

  • RookieOfTheYear

    As a fellow Cainan, editor Cainan good burn

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      I think the H pattern shifters adds an element of driver skill, particularly on the road courses. So the sequential has reduced the impact of driver skill on the racing.

  • Truck Jones
    Truck Jones


  • Mikal T. Thach
    Mikal T. Thach

    Good work guys love the video, so spot on and very educational. I was a former technician specialising in brakes & suspension. Take that keyboard warriors 😂

  • Mason Barr
    Mason Barr


  • Harrison Brashear
    Harrison Brashear

    The sequential gearbox is the dumbest thing NASCAR has done

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      Almost every racing series uses sequential. And most new sports cars have a DCT

  • Exo Crown
    Exo Crown

    4th Gen has to be the most iconic IMO.

  • JC Newbee
    JC Newbee

    Easier to drive for obvious reasons......Its over....gen four writing was on the wall.

  • Cody Bell
    Cody Bell

    I just hope this brings us a Talladega Nights II

  • Jona Salas
    Jona Salas

    Basically just place the real car with some engine tuning. Lol finally they make the cars come to the 2K

  • Walter

    NASCAR is a dying organization and they brought it on themselves they are in a death spiral

  • johninadl

    But can this new 7th generation car turn right ?

  • rh1507

    I can't help myself here. Spock and his Vulcan thing can't be a part of the Star Wars world. Live long and prosper.

  • Travis Tweedle
    Travis Tweedle

    Nothing will ever beat Awesome Bill from Dawsonville doing 212.809mph at Talladegha. That era has been and always will be the peak of Winston Cup Racing.

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      @Travis Tweedle the rules and regs have ruined it because to many drivers were little bitches

    • Travis Tweedle
      Travis Tweedle

      @Devin Bender I don't think I mentioned anything about the car being stock or the restrictor plates. I just said that the races back then were better than the garbage they are putting out now. Back when rubbing was racing.

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      Nothing stock about that car either. That and if they didn’t run restricter plats on current cars it would get destroyed

  • daniel palimeri
    daniel palimeri

    what if they raced stock cars? that would be cool

  • H B
    H B

    4:04 lol! Porsche uses no transaxle design, they´re famous for putting the engine in the back. And making it work. Ferrari only uses it in few cars, and none of their high performance models. Dude, get you´re facts straight before you make a Video. Every car guy should know that. Opinion: Aston-Martin and Corvette? Yeah, they do. But they are no high performance cars. They´re Gran-Tourismos.

  • SS454LS6

    I think the H pattern shifters adds an element of driver skill, particularly on the road courses. So the sequential has reduced the impact of driver skill on the racing.

  • AlphaDino

    I can't believe it. Nascar modernizes and updates to IRS, but Toyota still uses drum brakes!

  • 63mrl


  • Tim Terry
    Tim Terry

    ". . . Getting Kinda Weird . . . "???? NASCAR has been overcontrolled and manipulated for years! How about we try, you know, RACING for a change?

  • Vicitus23

    The US used solid axes in their NASCARS until this day? How do you get to moon? Oh wait, u just used von Brauns tech..

  • Austin H
    Austin H

    Team Rubicon is giving away a vehicle... Rubicon..... hmmm... let’s give em a Ram TRX! Lol


    So its they made the suspension what rc cars have

  • potatopotatoe

    Please can the guy, in the opening, be in more videos!?? His energy! YEEEEE-HAA!😃🤠

  • Dylan D.
    Dylan D.

    Kinda funny they made a Raptor reference joke with a Ram TRX

  • Khairul ikhwan
    Khairul ikhwan

    this reminds me of jackson storm

  • B-1 4-4-4
    B-1 4-4-4

    So stock car racing is you can take a regular street car and put it onto a track and then that is stock car racing so either NASCAR starts racing with regular stock cars with some safety or the street cars will get a upgrade.

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      @B-1 4-4-4 I just wish they would use the GT4 cars. Stock with safety equipment. Done.

    • B-1 4-4-4
      B-1 4-4-4

      @Devin Bender I know and it’s kinda sad.

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      They haven’t used stock cars since 1970. This is probably the closest you will ever get

  • Mike R
    Mike R

    I can see that RAM TRX transforming into Ironhide

  • Overland Autism Adventures
    Overland Autism Adventures

    Make STOCK-CAR Racing Great Again! NASCAR died in the 80's

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      NASCAR stock car racing died in the 70s

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    says 'may the 4th be with you' and gives Vulkan greeting from Star Trek! LoL

  • Bill Capps
    Bill Capps

    I think In future events, when cars come into the pits for fuel and tires, the engine should shut off like all these new vehicles at stoplights. Hi LOL

  • Michael McBroom
    Michael McBroom

    So I take it the Next Gen NASCAR will still be using 1950s engine technology? Pushrod V8s with carburetors instead of 4-cam units (2 cams per head) with fuel injection? Twin cam fuel-injected engines are practically yesterday's tech anymore, been around in regular passenger cars since the 70s with carbs, the 80s with EFI. IRS and sequential gearboxes are long overdue, but NASCAR needs to get with the program with the power plant. The GM Northstar and Ford's Coyote motor are great examples of what should be under the hood anymore.

    • Michael McBroom
      Michael McBroom

      @stearlers069 Not just F1. DOHC tech seems to hang just fine in endurance races like 24h Daytona and Lemans. With a 6-speed sequential, gearing can be optimized for the higher revving motors in the heavier cars. I don't thing the Ford GT 500 lacks for much of anything, torque or otherwise.

    • stearlers069

      @Michael McBroom the noth star sucked the coyote snaps chains when pushed hard for to long. I'll a bigger cubic inch pushrod with the better low end torque with the heavier NASCAR cars. F1 light racecars and really short stroke yes OHC engines.

    • Michael McBroom
      Michael McBroom

      @stearlers069 Not the NorthStar and Coyote. While it is true that there were some exotics that had rather advanced engine layouts all the way back to the 30s and perhaps even earlier, you didn't find that sort of tech in a Ford or Chevy, or a Dodge. Still don't, except for the Coyote. The Northstar was found in Caddys and Oldsmobiles, but apparently its been discontinued in favor of pushrod LSes. Look, NASCAR's good-ol-boy agricultural nature has been a pet peeve of mine since the 1960s, and is a major reason why I prefer watching and attending road races as opposed to NASCAR roundy-rounds. Their heedless and unnecessarily hidebound insistence in staying with 50s tech for the sake of keeping costs down (?!!!) -- does anybody really believe that anymore? Look, when it comes to engine tech, my attitude is this -- there shouldn't be the restrictions in engine technology that exist now. Well, maybe two -- normally aspirated only, and a displacement limit -- say to 6.2 liters. So if a team wants to race an LS motor or equivalent with a big old double pumper Holley on top, great, more power to them. But if a team wants to race a 4-cam V8 with EFI like the Coyote, then they should be allowed to do that also.

    • stearlers069

      those old ohc engines are old tech been around longer then the ohv engine. lol

    • Devin Bender
      Devin Bender

      I agree. DOHC is so much better. Ford has the 5.2L and Chevy has that new 5.5L DOHC v8 in the corvette race car (coming to the street car next year) And even Toyota has a 5.7 DOHC in the truck. Just bore and stoke those out to 5.8. Those will EASILY make 660hp

  • Lazy Lizard
    Lazy Lizard

    Australian V8 Supercars come to the US, basically.

  • kellerdood32

    I would like NASCAR but I can’t watch cars drive in an oval for 2 hours, that’s retarded.

  • Alexander M. Villareal
    Alexander M. Villareal

    Yeah jackson storm from Cars 3 so Nascar Watch Disney Cars

  • Santino Aldaba
    Santino Aldaba

    Everybody gangsta till : trwatch.info/ex/video/l4mumd2fiMq7mLd2.htmlverybody gangsta till : trwatch.info/ex/video/l4mumd2fiMq7mLd2.htmlverybody gangsta till : trwatch.info/ex/video/l4mumd2fiMq7mLd2.htmlverybody gangsta till : trwatch.info/ex/video/l4mumd2fiMq7mLd2.htmlverybody gangsta till : trwatch.info/ex/video/l4mumd2fiMq7mLc.html

  • troyguererro 08
    troyguererro 08

    This is why lightning McQueen was left behind.