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  • jacksepticeye

    What's Finneas and Pherb?

    • Maggie McCool
      Maggie McCool

      To sleep and forget about everything important and remember everything not important

    • Waffles618

      Please, just....... Just watch it

    • YN Chan
      YN Chan

      I'm sorry I'm blind 👩🏽‍🦯💨

    • Leo Bates
      Leo Bates

      It’s a children show

    • Leo Bates
      Leo Bates

      Ooooof I’m sorry but how don’t you know Finneas and Pherb?

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    Love chuuuu Sean (like as a creator) KEEP GOING AS UR OWN CREATOR

  • Midnight Wolffell
    Midnight Wolffell

    well while ppl are memeing his name, im just sitting here remembering my school calling my name and saying " grumbles " instead of grublis. you know what, who ever is reading this reply to this comment making fun of my last name, i dont mind. alright see you later

  • Brendon Hager
    Brendon Hager

    Nah you’re just short, your Dutch queen is average size. You’re short

  • o0h _Deer
    o0h _Deer

    I told somone they where a potato and they said "that's a compliment" Potatoes are basic and a good side to a main course *it's an insult*

  • Adam Wilkerson
    Adam Wilkerson

    i started to watch jojo's and it is incredible

  • Kyo

    Fighting dreamers will always be my favourite naruto opening song

  • Mr BabyMon
    Mr BabyMon


  • Bea Giustina
    Bea Giustina

    me after the blue thing meme: father, I crave CHAOS/BREAD/VIOLENCE

  • Ashlin Mortimore
    Ashlin Mortimore

    i personally think sean would be a great reiner

  • Justin Jennings
    Justin Jennings

    Jack... there is never JUST another episode of meme time. It is .... ITS FUCKIN MEME TIME

  • scoare

    At recess, all I would hear is HUIYAH every second of every day of my life. It's annoying. Please save me

  • Orestes Glowacki
    Orestes Glowacki

    speeeeeeeeeeeeeeedd is keeeyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitchell Higgins
    Mitchell Higgins

    Phineas and ferb

  • Ryland Hogg
    Ryland Hogg

    jack:if you ever say my name wrong again it's war me:ok maklaufin

  • Jared Broyles
    Jared Broyles


  • Reece Paulson
    Reece Paulson

    You keep asking stop, come on pls give me a good anime reference,ahhhhhh!!!!!, fine omae wa mou shindeiru, wait nooo

  • Shadow Mystic949
    Shadow Mystic949

    Yeah I have a old channel subbed to tons of people

  • kool kid
    kool kid

    can you say KONO DIO DA pls

  • Eleanor Wagus
    Eleanor Wagus

    That into be hittin like: *“✨ All My Rage In 1 ✨”*

  • Cel

    I was very much amused by the fact Sean also called twitter 'bird app' CORPSE had had an effect (I'm aware it's not only corpse that does that but it amused me okay)

  • KingCrab69

    the jagdpanther and many other late war german tank destroyers had no turret and opted for a body-mounted gun, meaning the crews had to turn the entire tank to rotate the main gun.

  • The Shining Tyranitar
    The Shining Tyranitar

    I have the same name as you but yours is in Irish John Seán

  • The Shining Tyranitar
    The Shining Tyranitar

    4th intro k think is finneas and ferb

  • Robin Dragon
    Robin Dragon

    Me: -watching the video laughing cuz yeah- Jack: -screeee- My dog: -trots in- you good human?

  • Timon Kalinowski
    Timon Kalinowski

    I had my headset on full volume when i started this since i was listening to music. I think i have bell-phobia now......

  • Alex Person
    Alex Person

    Big thonk later, big bren go big smoil

  • Nillanthir Zerati
    Nillanthir Zerati

    7:48 Looks like your inner Edward Elric came out. Perfect addition to your upcoming Anime debut.

  • Angelique Pienaar
    Angelique Pienaar


  • Alfie Tinkler
    Alfie Tinkler

    How tall is Sean

  • Bloo

    Zenitsu starts chasing around Sean

  • Bloo

    have i surpassed my favorite youtuber? i shall now look down on you Sean i am 14 and taller than youuuuu

  • Imperfect_star _
    Imperfect_star _

    Mccoughlin Fight me, septic man

  • Imperfect_star _
    Imperfect_star _

    14:48 BIBBLE!!!!!!!

  • chaw1032


  • _.mxnt.lxvi._

    bro his accent gets lost when he sings a bit

  • Truls Henning Høiden
    Truls Henning Høiden

    You should set you're alarm as Meme time so it plays as the start of each episode (morning)

  • Aberee Lucius
    Aberee Lucius

    Sean: ""Name a more iconic duo." Tom and Jerry: "Are we a joke to you?"

  • Lauren McCurry
    Lauren McCurry

    5:12 *Me when the teacher gives out homework on the last day of school*

  • Brayden Uhler
    Brayden Uhler

    A more iconic duo is Burgers and fries

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster


  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster

    me: *sad* "meme time intro comes up" sadness:"understable have a good day"

  • playermovies298


  • WolfofSpades

    Iconic duo, hmmmmm... Dwyane and Kevin

  • Lexi Ackley
    Lexi Ackley

    I love the nails Sean 🥰

  • Chloe Chen
    Chloe Chen

    I realize that people have extremely short attention spans, so I'm going to keep this short. Black Plasma Studios in a super underrated Minecraft animation channel. They have high quality and well-crafted animations about Alex and Steve, sci-fi movies, fantasy animations, and more. Please check out their channel and give them a chance to get the attention they deserve.

  • AnitaMia Coffee
    AnitaMia Coffee

    i hope jack see this jack you look like someone from uncharted oh and you beeee tallll like your videos

  • noah 123
    noah 123

    ok as a jojo's bizzare adventure obsessed weeb i just gotta tell you that once you meet joseph it gets so amazing but part 3 is the best part in my opinion i absolutely love jotaro,kakyoin and polnarref from that part

  • SecondToNothing -
    SecondToNothing -

    13:42 look right below fuck snitches wtf

  • Kool-Aid_Mann_22

    For the water element people should do water jesus, where did he go again ? Didnt seam drink him ?

  • Brody Grayson
    Brody Grayson

    Me who just found out that jack watches anime

  • Timmy

    war? heh.. mclugaphing

  • I-Run-With-Scissors


  • Luke Richards
    Luke Richards


  • Phantom Actual
    Phantom Actual

    "Name a more iconic duo" Batman and Robin Superman and Batman Kirk and Spock Jacksepticeye and coffee Cookies and milk Not particularly into JoJo myself (I only know of it's existence through two friends who watch it) but who's your favorite character and stand?

  • Ham Playz
    Ham Playz

    DUDE, I love demon slayer

  • Autumn Lewis
    Autumn Lewis

    God....Takes me back to when I finished season 4 of Attack on Titan and cried.....Now I get to laugh and watch meme time!

  • Your Awesome
    Your Awesome

    For anyone who hasn't seen phineas and pherb let me just sum it up for you Theres 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it and the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it like maybe building a robot or fighting a mummy or climbing the Eiffel Tower discovering something that doesnt exist (hey!) or giving a monkey a shower surfing on tidal waves creating nanobots or locating Frankensteins brain (it's over here) finding a dodo bird painting a continent driving our sister insane (phineas!) As you can see theres a whole lot of things to do before school starts this fall (come on perry) so stick with us cause phineas and pherb are gonna do it all so stick with us cause phineas and pherb are gonna do it all (Mom phineas and pherb are making a title sequence) That basically sums up the show does jack know what it is yet?

  • Potato

    @Orphan Killer bc u always make others happy and this says it will make ppl happy :)

  • khazz33

    Did that commenter just confuse faithful with fateful, because that's hilarious. Sean didn't even notice. It's especially funny considering a lot of murder mysteries involve affairs at some point.

  • Shy Shy
    Shy Shy

    9:28 did he just get the potato pass?

  • Aiden Adams
    Aiden Adams

    0:09 dude he opened the 5th gate of joy😂

  • Xander Francisco
    Xander Francisco

    Sean im not skipping meme time intro

  • Grand Clanka
    Grand Clanka

    I feel disappointed that you don’t know what phinneas and Ferb is.

  • CLArgonaut

    6:08 I do this as an adult.


    Puffy and zoro

  • demon r slender
    demon r slender

    I'm 6,3 seán

  • [[Shinobu! The butterfly pillar!]]
    [[Shinobu! The butterfly pillar!]]

    *jack: I look like nezuko! Me: WAIT A DAMN MINUTE- looks at my pfp of a demon slayer character OML-*

  • -suka!!-

    Jack: Name a more iconic duo- Me: Deku And a hospital bed Todoroki and boiling hot water inside a kettle Bakugou and feeling like a failure

  • word.

    Can I get a “SPEED IS KEY?”

  • BluAravena

    Oof. Knows 3 useless dumb shows but not Phineas and Ferb!?

  • •Westley•

    Since this is the happiest place on earth, can someone give me advice on how to stop crying? I cry too much over the littlest things and I need to stop

  • CAREX 330
    CAREX 330


  • Covid-Free Bree
    Covid-Free Bree

    Sean mcluvinit

  • CAREX 330
    CAREX 330

    5:30 who else was trying to flip the video back over the right way... wow im slow

  • Connell Lipman
    Connell Lipman

    Me using a shadow clone Jutsu to give jack more views

  • Connell Lipman
    Connell Lipman

    We need a musical number with jack

  • Genox_Gaming

    Best scene: 4:49 Murder documentary [plot sound]

  • Alexa Flores
    Alexa Flores

    sean Mcglocklin

  • Three Dicks On A Bench 3
    Three Dicks On A Bench 3

    Every episode is special.

  • Dynanda Kuiper
    Dynanda Kuiper

    me when i found out jack was a weeb: my life pupouse is fufilled

  • Senior Orlando
    Senior Orlando

    I still really like that bit when someone goes like 5:11

  • NearsightedDevil

    Play totally accurate battle simulator

  • lorna smith
    lorna smith

    I am ready to train today Jackaboy Sensei

  • Elle Ordoyne
    Elle Ordoyne

    HES 5’8 TF

  • Pine The NonBinary Deer Furry
    Pine The NonBinary Deer Furry

    Everyone is talking about Sean not knowing what Phineas and Ferb is And i'm just here like WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT SEAN BEING THE TRUE COLOSSAL AND ARMORED TITANS LIKE WTF HE IS THE REAL REINER AND BERTHOLDT

  • Mani d Gamer
    Mani d Gamer

    i didnt notice that was adventure its been that long

  • Jess Frey
    Jess Frey

    9:45 I trick my brain now by pretending I'm about to start a long video on TRwatch while lying in bed, then while watching I start getting sleepy and I quickly plug my phone in and cloe TRwatch and lay down before my brain realizes I'm not busy anymore. Ha, sucker.

  • Spencer McCollum
    Spencer McCollum

    sean miglaughlin... Come at me heretic!

  • Spencer McCollum
    Spencer McCollum

    1:01 Unus Annus.

  • Y/N chan
    Y/N chan

    "Did it Hurt when you feel from the vending machine? Cause' you da snacc."

    • Spencer McCollum
      Spencer McCollum


  • Human GIRAFFE
    Human GIRAFFE

    Im so happy you’re happy :)

  • AJPlayz Live
    AJPlayz Live

    is nobody gonna talk about him spelling it Finneas and Pherb and not Phineas and Ferb?

  • Da boi Why not
    Da boi Why not

    He wants a more iconic duo how about jack and Sam

  • Fateen ahmed
    Fateen ahmed

    5:16 😂

  • Karime Mtz.
    Karime Mtz.

    Jack and bell 🔔❤ 1:03

  • Team Fortress 2 Addict
    Team Fortress 2 Addict


  • Robbie Tyler
    Robbie Tyler

    I want that jacket, where can I get one?????

  • Slifer

    14:04 Friday night funkin

  • Rich Moomaw
    Rich Moomaw

    I skip Adventure Time in the best way, I simply don't watch garbage that isn't funny.

3,2 Mn